A Great Place to Live: Evaluating Cities in the DC Universe

A Great Place to Live: Evaluating Cities in the DC Universe

So that you begin a brand new life within the DC Universe. Let’s be the primary to welcome you to Earth-0! Don’t fret, you aren’t alone in your multiversal journey. We get “out of city” individuals shifting in on a regular basis. Ask Energy Woman or Naomi McDuffie. The very first thing you may need to do after getting your bearings is discover a place to reside. Don’t fret, we nonetheless have a New York, a Chicago, and a Los Angeles, plus a lot of the cities you are used to. However you may marvel what life can be like in case you moved to Metropolis or Gotham Metropolis. So we have put collectively this useful information for you on the very best cities to contemplate shifting to till the subsequent reboot (and which of them to contemplate avoiding). Let’s take a experience!

Amnesty Bay

Small-town allure with coastal facilities and a historic, walkable downtown that has seen underinvestment however has nice potential. Keep out of the splash zone or you’ll get moist.

Stroll rating: 80
Transit Rating: 50
Rating with out villain: 40


As soon as a city that suffered from the fame of “poor man’s Gotham,” this historic whaling city has seen quite a lot of renovations since that nasty chemo deal. A newcomer with good bones and a increase in tourism, thanks largely not too long ago to an angel investor from the celebrated Wayne household.

Stroll Rating: 60
Transit rating: 65
Rating with out villain: 35


The Midwestern capital has its share of super-villains, however you may discover that any issues are usually resolved in a flash. However on the subject of getting round…except you are the Scarlet Speedster, you are going to want a automotive.

Stroll rating: 20
Transit rating: 30
Rating with out villain: 30

Coastal city

Surprisingly dense and walkable for a west coast city. Nearly as if the designers had been extra aware of the bigger Northeast model cities and assumed the West Coast can be the identical or one thing. Many of the unhealthy guys have left him alone because the entire Mongul and Cyborg Superman occasion, nevertheless it’s rumored that Hal Jordan could also be heading dwelling quickly and bother is following this man throughout the universe.

Stroll rating: 70
Transit rating: 50
Rating with out villain: 60

Gotham Metropolis

NYC-style transit and companies, with decrease rents…primarily due to all of the super-villain assaults. Oh sure, and endemic authorities corruption. Nice transit scores, although! Practicability can be greater in case you may reliably get from place to put with out being held up at gunpoint or doused in Joker gasoline.

Stroll Rating: 40
Transit Rating: 80
Rating with out villain: 5

central metropolis

If you wish to get a good suggestion of ​​how tough Hub Metropolis life is, the center elements of Gotham are the place Hub Metropolis residents trip. Mayor Fermin’s crowning achievement is to maintain sanitation companies working each week. No true super-villain to talk of, simply your mundane city decay. Keep away from.

Stroll Rating: ten
Transit Rating: 5
Rating with out villain: 90

metropolis ​​of ivy

As a university city, it’s walkable with a wide range of glorious eating choices. Through the summer time, nonetheless, vital elements of town empty out, making it an uncomfortable dwelling for these not finding out or working on the college. There’s additionally the madness-inducing elder god under, however a superhero will normally step in to cope with any vital injury to the residents’ collective unconscious.

Stroll Rating: 90
Transit Rating: 30
Rating with out villain: 70


Typically much less street-level crime than Gotham, however extra vulnerable to assaults from highly effective alien super-villains. Superman does an ideal job of supplementing the emergency companies. Site visitors is horrible, however the metropolis has good public transport and good strolling. Nonetheless, you’re paying for Metropolis to be “cleaner” than Gotham with greater rents.

Stroll Rating: 90
Transit Rating: 50
Rating with out villain: 15

metropolis ​​of opal

We truthfully do not perceive why extra individuals aren’t shifting right here. Opal Metropolis has all of the glamor of Metropolis or Gotham with far fewer super-villain assaults – just about none, actually, previously thirty years. Even the city’s resident superhero was in a position to retire. True to its title, Opal Metropolis is an actual gem, each in that it’s a splendidly livable place and in that it’s most likely very costly.

Stroll rating: 100
Transit Rating: 90
Rating with out villain: 95


Mockingly, really actually huge for a small city in Kansas, as if the statisticians who supplied the inhabitants numbers had been utilizing a Northeastern customary for what a small city’s inhabitants is. (Bizarre, that.) Good place to reside, although, if you wish to get away from all of it, however Smallville does not supply many facilities. It needs to be famous that Superman is having a wierd time right here, a incontrovertible fact that the residents have collectively determined to not watch.

Stroll rating: 50
Transit rating: 5
Rating with out villain: 90

star metropolis

Many individuals will inform you that Star Metropolis is quite a bit like Seattle, besides one has Inexperienced Arrow. Very walkable, nice public transit, and excessive rents, although decrease than most Northwest cities because of Emerald Archer’s rogues gallery. It is the tradeoff on all counts: the decrease the hire, the extra possible you’re to get blasted by some kind of umbrella or boomerang or laser gun that turns you into cheese. Welcome to the DC Universe. A superhero can be there that can assist you shortly.

Stroll Rating: 80
Transit Rating: 80
Rating with out villain: 20

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