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Tiny Prompts

Good issues are available small packages, and with that, we now have an ideal assortment of little prompts to get your college students considering huge concerning the little issues. In order for you much more prompts, yow will discover one other 50 within the giveaway under.

Listed below are 4 mini-exercises for which you should utilize brief prompts:

  • Mime train: Ask college students to behave out selecting up a small object, interacting with it, and passing it to the coed subsequent to them.
  • Drama writing train: Write a one-page scene for 2 folks that should embody a small component someplace within the plot.
  • Enchancment Train 1: You open a treasure chest to discover a multitude of one of many small gadgets.
  • Enchancment train 2: In a science lab, your shrink ray backfires and makes a tiny object enormous.

Make sure you try our full fast assortment for much more inspiration!

  1. A birthday candle
  2. One cent
  3. A mosquito
  4. a germ
  5. An atom
  6. A pin
  7. A crumb
  8. a hummingbird
  9. A mouse
  10. An eyelash
  11. A rock
  12. A grain of sand
  13. paper clip
  14. Earring
  15. Rain drop
  16. A security pin
  17. A bobby pin/hairpin
  18. watchmaking gear
  19. A blade of grass
  20. a single sequin
  21. A chip
  22. A second
  23. one millimeter
  24. a pixel
  25. A grain of rice
  26. A flower seed
  27. A flake of pink pepper
  28. A bit of sugar
  29. A pinch of salt
  30. A gummy bear
  31. a tadpole
  32. A attraction bracelet attraction
  33. A treasured stone
  34. A robin egg
  35. A flower petal
  36. A clock
  37. A lock of hair
  38. A cocoon
  39. A drop of ink
  40. A pencil shave
  41. a marble
  42. A peg for a cribbage board
  43. A grain of plush
  44. A thimble
  45. A Skittle or M&M
  46. A pencil eraser
  47. A wild blueberry
  48. a peanut
  49. A sunflower seed
  50. A speck of mud

Click here for 50 more little prompts.

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