The Recreational League: Medieval Romance M/M

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The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old bookThis Rec League comes from Christmas. Thanks, Christmas!

I have been actually into m/m novels currently of all shapes and genres and out of the blue puzzled if there are any in medieval settings? Knights and all that.

shana: My favourite medieval m/m is The Lion and the Raven by Eli Easton (A). I favored it too In shining armor by EL Phillips ( A | BORN | K ). It is set in Wales and has an Asian American hero who conveniently travels again in time to attach with a highly regarded Welshman.

Ellen M: I have never learn it personally however I feel The Scottish Boy by Alex de Campi ( A | BORN | K ) matches that!

Who else has any ideas for this Rec League? Inform us under!

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