The Rehearsal Companion

The Rehearsal Companion

You selected the play, paid the royalties, analyzed the script, held your auditions and forged the present. Tomorrow is the primary rehearsal. Are you prepared? Actually prepared? The Rehearsal Companion can assist!

Will you be prepared if an actor drops out? Will you be prepared for the mid-rehearsal blues? Will you be able to make your tech week go as easily as doable? Can be
are you prepared with an entire strike guidelines? You CAN be prepared for all of those rehearsal conditions and extra.

The Rehearsal Companion is a complete e-book that may stroll you thru downside fixing, group, selecting the most effective warm-up to your sport, taking notes, and monitoring manufacturing targets.

There’s extra to considering than blocking and studying strains – Be the director prepared for something!

Study extra and order The Rehearsal Companion at the moment!

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