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I’m not advocating that the AAR revert to this per se because of the complexity and time concerned. I supply the next solely as clarification or extra information for consideration by others who’re newer to AAR.

My first participation within the High 100 ballot was in 2008, so I am unable to say how the outcomes had been created between 1998 and 2008. However in 2008 and thru 2018, every one who needed to vote submitted a ranked checklist of 100 ( or much less) titles + creator. Somebody (in all probability lots of people) compiled/mixed all of those lists into an inventory of 100 titles, ranked from 1 to 100. (I imagine the methodology was to award factors for being talked about in any respect on any which checklist, what number of occasions it was on multiple checklist, then the place this title appeared in any given checklist. Very lengthy and detailed methodology.)

However the end result was AAR’s Readers’ 100 Favourite Novels at that very second.

My private methodology is/was a stack of index playing cards, one for every title and creator. I’ve added playing cards over time – for instance, I clearly keep in mind including Penny Reid’s Beard Science to the stack the 12 months it was revealed. It wasn’t #1 on my checklist, however it was fairly excessive. Every time the ballot was run, I might add all the brand new playing cards I assumed had been eligible, and actually lay playing cards out in columns, on my kitchen counter. I shuffled the order of the playing cards, based mostly on my emotions and recollections of every e-book at that particular time.

So sure, it’s/was exhausting to knock off a favourite in any given compiled ballot. If it was a “favourite” at one time, it in all probability nonetheless is for any given reader. Even when a e-book would not stand the check of time, it was an incredible learn for somebody on the time they learn it and it is exhausting to not look again fondly on that good studying expertise (properly that it could actually slowly crumble at any time). drive checklist).

No matter Dabney and AAR determine to do with this 12 months’s ballot, it is an attention-grabbing train to attempt to create your individual private checklist of 100 favorites. I believe I solely submitted about 65 titles the primary time I voted as a result of I used to be too new to the style to give you 100. It has been attention-grabbing to see how MY checklist has modified over time as properly. time.

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