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Poppys peril

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It is the eve of Halloween. The evening is delightfully clear, with a vivid, low moon. The joys of anticipation will be felt within the air. Fall leaves blow with a scrape alongside the sidewalk outdoors, accompanied by a reasonable wind that chases them playfully into each nook and crevice, round bushes and thru neighborhood home windows.

Inside, the household has simply completed having dinner. Though the chilly fingers of the skin wind appear decided to penetrate the comfy confines of the warmly lit home, the home is solidly constructed and properly insulated. Household heat and closeness, and bellies full of fine, hearty meals, present everybody with a way of protected well-being and cozy contentment.

There may be, nevertheless, one uncommon factor about tonight. Mother’s father, identified to the children as Poppy, spends the evening with them away from the nursing residence. He would by no means miss a chance to hang around with the grandkids, assist make Halloween doo dahs, and hand out sweet to neighborhood youngsters.

With nothing notably pressing to do after dinner, Poppy takes the chance to inform one among her tales to the kids. “Come outdoors and sit with me for a couple of minutes,” Poppy stated. The three youngsters run to seize their jackets with excited appears on their faces. They love Poppy tales.

Stacie, their mother, turns away from the sink the place she rinses the dishes earlier than placing them within the dishwasher. “Now do not inform them something scary,” she stated. “I do not wish to cope with nightmares tonight.”

“In fact not,” Poppy stated as they headed outdoors.

As they exit, they’re greeted by the candy odor of wooden smoke. Poppy takes a deep breath to savor the nice aroma. “There’s nothing fairly just like the odor of wood-burning fireplaces on a cold evening,” he says.

The home has an quaint wraparound porch. Poppy leads the kids to the proper aspect of the home the place there’s a swing sufficiently big for the three youngsters to sit down on whereas he tells his story. Better of all, Stacie will not hear him inform the story from right here.

As Poppy sits throughout from them on a wicker chair, he says to the kids, “Now do not inform your mom our little story tonight. We do not need her to be indignant, will we?

“No,” the kids reply in unison, with expectant appears on their faces. The youngsters, Kyle, Kaylee and Chris are 3, 5 and seven years previous respectively.

The solar is sort of gone now. Poppy lights a lantern left on a aspect desk subsequent to her chair and begins her story. He tells his model of the unique Brothers Grimm story “The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids”. He makes use of the boogeyman as an alternative to the wolf and human youngsters as a substitute of youngsters. The youngsters hear – wide-eyed and keen – expertise the feelings of the story of fine versus evil, terrifying components and all.

The story describes the disappearance of a horrible wolf after consuming 7 complete youngsters after which falling asleep. The youngsters are saved from the wolf’s abdomen when their mom cuts it open with scissors, frees the kids, fills the empty area with stones, and stitches the wolf up once more. The wolf drowns as rocks weigh him down when he tries to drink from a properly.

When the story is over, Poppy warns the kids to recollect one factor above all others.

“The boogeyman (wolf) is useless, killed by the sort youngsters and their mom. He can by no means damage anybody once more.

Later that evening, as soon as the children are comfortably settled of their beds, the bed room closet door creaks open and an indignant, glowing crimson eye stares at them. They hear a low growl and scratching noises on the closet door. The 2 boys scream and run out of the bed room crying, begging to sleep with mother and pop. Kaylee, nevertheless, yawns, places a pillow over her head to muffle the noise, pulls the covers over her head, after which falls again to sleep.

Livid at such an insult and the indifference of a easy baby, the boogeyman decides to go to Poppy in his personal room. He swears to show this troublesome, mendacity previous man a lesson tonight.

He is in no temper for niceties now, so he bursts by way of the closet door into Poppy’s room, growling, drooling, scraping his sharp claws alongside the wall and stinking. He sprayed himself with “Bloated Carcass Festering in Solar” cologne – his finest.

The boogeyman seems at Poppy’s bedside earlier than Poppy even has an opportunity to catch her breath. Boogeyman lets his goo drool pour over Poppy’s face, which is contorted with bulging eyes and an open mouth. He lets his scent envelop Poppy and locks his livid crimson eyes on the previous man’s. Though he tries to scream, nothing comes out of Poppy’s mouth apart from a pitiful mouse squeak. The boogeyman lifts his face from the previous man’s and steps again a number of toes, not wanting the previous man to have a coronary heart assault earlier than he can ship his punishment.

The boogeyman factors a protracted, sharp claw on the man. “You can be punished,” he stated. “You will have taught the younger people who I shouldn’t be feared. Why cannot you previous individuals depart us alone? All we boogeymen need is to savor the tender worry of the youthful ones. We don’t trigger them any bodily or lasting injury. We do not even have tooth, to cry out loud, as a result of we do not want them. All we would like is to odor the younger worry, style it and savor it. It’s our sustenance.

“Typically we won’t scare infants. Blissful infants style like canned spinach blended with mashed liver and anchovies. I depart them alone.

Boogey clears his throat and continues. “We have now been relegated to hiding in closets, beneath beds, in sewers and drain pipes, in wells, beneath bridges and numerous different undesirable locations to help ourselves. Is not that sufficient?

“I haven’t got any tooth, however I am ugly as hell and I’ve a imply growl that might chill your coronary heart. My odor alone would knock your socks off if you happen to had been sporting them.

“My wings are a bit worn now, however they’ll get better. I also have a Darth Vader respiratory equipment which is absolutely cool, however I left it on my kitchen desk with my lunch. Rattling. Lunch was an enormous fluffy bunny. Properly, I will simply verify your backyard earlier than I am going. I like bunny. Their little hearts beat so quick once they’re scared, and their worry tastes like Marshmallow Fluff.

Boogey’s annoyed inside demon surfaces, rolls his eyes, and mentally warns him, “You are slipping off subject and babbling once more. What number of occasions do I’ve to inform you that it’s important to cease speaking and begin bleeding? Do it shortly and transfer on, already.

“Properly, sufficient chatter,” Boogey stated. You could pay now. For each baby you influenced that day, I’ll lower off one among your fingers. Not so unhealthy, contemplating the options I may have requested at Boogey Native 13. Let’s get began.

Boogeyman reaches into one of many pockets of his tattered batwing to provide a bowl.
“Right here,” he stated, tossing the bowl onto the previous man’s mattress. “I’ve realized over time to supply a vessel for bleeding. In any other case, it will get fairly messy. Now, I am not going to mislead you such as you did to your personal youngsters. It isn’t going to harm me any greater than it hurts you. In that case, why would I? The boogeyman locations duct tape all the best way round Poppy’s mouth and across the again of her head to muffle any upcoming screams.

Whereas holding Poppy’s left hand above the bowl, the Boogeyman shortly slashes the tip of three fingers from the tip of the nail to the bottom of the nail with a pointy claw. Blood spurts out, then drips into the bowl, pooling round Poppy’s newly freed fingertips. After some time, Poppy’s thoughts comes to grasp what simply occurred and he begins to really feel the horrible ache and shock of it. His cries are quietly ineffective.
After the lower, Boogeyman reaches into one other hidden pocket beneath his wing to provide an enormous wad of gauze.

“Right here. Maintain it firmly round your fingers to stem the bleeding.

As soon as the bleeding is beneath management, Boogeyman asks, “Would you like me to cauterize this?” Poppy shakes her head vigorously with a glance of renewed dread, curls herself right into a ball within the nook of the mattress, and begins to cry.

“Oh shit,” the Boogey stated. He reaches into one other pocket, pulls out some clear gauze, and gently wraps Poppy’s injured fingers – one after the other – including bunny bandages round them to ease the ache.

“See, I am not that imply. I am really fairly humorous once you get to know me. It is best to see me boogie on the annual Boogeyman conference. The place do you suppose the phrase “Boogie on down” comes from?

Poppy begins crying once more.

“We’re all doing what we gotta do to outlive, man,” the Boogey stated.

“Do not get me incorrect, Poppy. I’ll come again for all of you who attempt to plant seeds of disbelief. My stunning wings as soon as are in tatters now. The tooth fairy should put on dentures. The Easter bunny has mange. And cupid – Oh boy cupid – He now appears like a type of hungry infants you see in infomercials.

“It is due to individuals such as you who inform younger people who we do not exist. The one one among us nonetheless sturdy and wholesome is Santa Claus. Nobody tells younger people who it does not exist. All of them elected me to do that soiled work as a result of they did not wish to tarnish their good repute. Humph.

“Properly,” stated the Boogey. “Time flies and so do I. It is a very busy evening. I hope I have not taken an excessive amount of of your time. Do not forget the lesson I taught you. Bye now.”

Poppy by no means spoke once more besides on All Saints nights when the one phrase he stated was “Boogey”. Again and again, each time somebody spoke to him, he would say, “Boogey.” All the women had been laughing and laughing, considering he was asking them to bop.


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