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Persephone Syndrome

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It was 12:55 p.m. on Friday, August 4, 2028. It was sizzling in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as day by day is midsummer. That did not cease the social gathering, nevertheless. Legions of individuals had been celebrating this momentous event. The rich chase him, whereas the much less lucky await their flip, a flip they could get as soon as in a lifetime. The booze flowed like water as folks celebrated his arrival.

“What’s she like?” we requested.

“She is extra stunning than magnificence itself.” Somebody stated casually, as if in a trance.

“It’s taller than the tallest constructing. However someway she will be able to look you straight within the eye. She is going to appear to be there together with her. Its overflowing magnificence and filling you with a burning hearth because it sweeps you away. A girl stated fortunately. “I’ve nearly seen His magnificence in all its glory. I nearly Ascended. It is good although. I do know at this time would be the day. She was grinning from ear to ear, however her eye was twitching as she repeated the phrase “At this time would be the day.”

“I heard somebody took an image of his face. HIS FULL FACE!” shouted one other.

“It is a load of bullshit.” His good friend replied, “You may’t take an image of His complete face. It fucks the digicam. It was most likely a partial photograph of Elle.

“Properly, I heard that there are individuals who took footage of her, however Google will not present the photographs. It’s important to go to the darkish internet or one thing shitty to see it. It stated.

“Have you ever SEEN any of those photographs? his good friend requested.

“Rattling, are you kidding? And danger changing into a kind of, what the fuck are they known as, Persephone psychopaths. No, thanks.” He stated, pointing to the girl repeating the phrase, “At this time would be the day.”

“Persephone Syndrome.” His good friend defined. “Mark, my colleague, you met him on the 4th of July barbecue, he discovered a discussion board someplace a number of weeks in the past the place there have been footage taken of her. He…he hasn’t been the identical since He will not come to work, he will not reply any calls. His spouse says all he does is attempt to discover extra footage of her. He is obsessed.

“Properly, that will not occur to us. We’ll have a look at Her and She is going to look us straight within the eye, and we’ll Ascend. He acknowledged a reality.

It was an unlikely purpose to realize since he was no abnormal particular person. It was one thing utterly completely different.

He appeared on March 23, 2027 at 4:37 p.m. sharp in Granada, Spain. The place He got here from, there is no such thing as a reply. One second he wasn’t there, the subsequent he was gliding west, hovering above the bottom in a silent march. Since that day, it has been sliding west at a continuing pace, circling the Earth 5 instances to this point. Nobody is aware of what He’s or what He needs, however what they do know is that this. They MUST have a look at it immediately.

No one is aware of why, however the day He arrived, everybody on Earth had an odd feeling. Everybody knew they needed to watch it, however not simply watch it, FULLY watch it in particular person.

There isn’t any substitution. No digicam can take an image of Him, probably not. Making an attempt to take an image of his full face causes the cameras to brief circuit and be destroyed.

There was some success taking photographs and movies of a part of his face and physique, however nobody can absolutely describe what he sees in these photographs. Individuals who have a look at these footage develop into obsessive about on the lookout for extra footage of It. They NEED to see His face. They’ll quit consuming, sleeping, and even utilizing the lavatory to allow them to spend each second discovering a brand new picture of it. There isn’t any official toll, however it’s estimated that greater than 100 million folks have died from Persephone Syndrome and one other billion are affected indirectly.

About half of those that died from Persephone Syndrome did so throughout the first week of her arrival. No one knew the consequences it might have on everybody, so his arrival was broadcast all over the world. Fortuitously, if one can be glad about what occurred, a lot of the broadcasters succumbed to Persephone Syndrome earlier than the footage was launched, so that they weren’t in a position to present it to extra folks. But information of his arrival traveled all over the world by extra mainstream media, primarily newspapers, which omitted the usage of his picture.

Instantly, the sensation everybody was having started to make much more sense.

Makes an attempt to explain what it’s have been the topic of ongoing debate. Many non secular leaders say it was their God who got here right down to convey them to their model of heaven. In spite of everything, those that handle to look immediately at His whole face are immediately eradicated from existence. Others suppose it is an alien from a distant world, an alien so superior that it does not even acknowledge people as something aside from ants. However most individuals are drawn to a special conclusion.

They imagine that no matter it’s, He needs them for a selected function, and He travels the world to search out those that are worthy of His function, those that are worthy sufficient to Ascend.
As for her bodily kind, whereas it may be argued that she has a bodily kind, there appears to be some stage of consensus. Both means, he takes the type of a really tall human feminine. No official peak is given, solely that it’s at all times taller than something round it. It is taller than a home, taller than a skyscraper, and even taller than a mountain, although none of those claims might be confirmed. He has a stage of magnificence that’s exhausting to explain. The perfect similes take the emotions of pleasure and happiness and bodily manifest these feelings, however even that fails to convey the true nature of His magnificence. It has a shiny aurora round it that shines pure white, and but someway is not very shiny. It is likely to be extra correct to say there’s a mist or fog round it.

He can go by any materials in his path whereas sliding, excluding people. This created much less lucky circumstances the place an individual was so impressed with what they noticed that they did not understand they had been standing between it and one other strong object, normally a constructing. The result’s one thing slightly unlucky for many who have to wash up the mess that’s made, though normally nobody is there to wash up the mess, as a result of anybody who hasn’t found out what is going on on when you end up between a stationary object and an unstoppable power can have succumbed to Persephone Syndrome.

For individuals who see him, however do not absolutely have a look at his face, they’ll succumb to Persephone Syndrome on some stage. Some develop into crammed with a way of overwhelming pleasure and happiness taking a look at Him, solely to lose that feeling once they look away, returning to the sense of normalcy they as soon as had, however in a state of vacancy. Others will really feel pleasure and happiness taking a look at Him, solely to lose all which means as soon as they give the impression of being away, unable to return to any semblance of normality. Others develop into determined to search out Him simply to gaze upon Him and be enveloped in His heat, doing all they’ll to search out photographs or movies of It to maintain them alive. Nonetheless others will likely be pushed mad after trying away, solely returning to regular if they’ll see it once more.

No matter what occurs when somebody sees Him, the end result is similar. No one who watched It was the identical. Everybody who watched it and who was not Ascended, that’s to say most, had a way of loss and vacancy. This loss was starting to weigh on the world.

At this level, everybody has heard of it, most individuals referring to it as her/him, however nobody is aware of if such issues apply to something. It has been seen by round 1 billion folks in its journey all over the world to this point, leaving nothing however despair in its wake. Anybody who has seen it can not return to their standard life. Its magnificence is so nice that when somebody has seen it, nothing else might be in contrast. All which means in something aside from That will likely be gone. Hobbies that when crammed with pleasure and a way of accomplishment develop into senseless distractions. Jobs and careers that provided which means had been now aimless, in spite of everything, what is the level of working if nothing presents what might be provided by It. Total cities have been deserted and/or became mass graves for victims of Persephone Syndrome. The freighters drifted out to sea, with nobody in a position to pilot them. Total industries have already collapsed on account of employee shortages, and different industries are falling each week. Society as we knew it started to crumble.

It’s now day 500 of his everlasting westward march. Every time it completes a circle across the Earth, it goes just a little additional south. At its present pace, it’s estimated to have circled the whole thing of the Earth and encountered the final particular person in about 50 years. On this fiftieth yr, the human species can have been successfully annihilated. Everyone seems to be drawn to see it and anybody who doesn’t stand up will likely be pressured right into a deep despair, from which they won’t get better, nor would they need to. What does today appear like? That day when the final particular person will see Him. Will it proceed to circle across the Earth endlessly? Will the people of this period take issues into their very own fingers and finish their lives as they please? Will he depart as rapidly as he arrived and depart behind a path of destruction in his path? These are questions we don’t and can’t know for positive. All we all know although is that He needs you to attempt to elevate your self.

Will you ascend?

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