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cracks in the cavern

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“Bone is gentle, sturdy and responsive. A metal bridge can not double its size, however bone grows and responds to emphasize. As well as, the bone repairs itself. A damaged brick cannot try this. Bone has quite a bit to show us concerning the historical past of Earth and the course of life on the planet. It’s the finest constructing materials on the earth.

Dr. Roy Meals, UCLA.


Harlow shivered as his brother ripped out his fingernails. This was the primary stage of transformation. He bit the mouth guard. The puppets held down Harlow’s trembling physique. The final nail fell to the forest ground, a shimmering pink mass. It stood out from the earth and the roots overlaying the damp tunnels. Within the timber surrounding the doorway, the king watched and waited.

“The primary metamorphosis is full. Are you prepared for Second? Nick, her brother, requested.

The parasitic worms in Harlow’s mind squirmed, encouraging him to nod. They’d been a present from the king.

“Let’s hold going,” Nick mentioned and grabbed a blade together with his third arm. Each of his unique arms caressed Harlow’s cheek, comforting him.

The trustworthy murmured non secular prayers. Nick peeled Harlow’s pores and skin like an orange. Slice and shoot. Slice and shoot. Progressively, Harlow was stripped. He screamed by way of the mouth guard. The worms caressed his dopamine receptors, mixing ache and pleasure like a shot of vodka would for an alcoholic.

To bump. To bump. To bump. The king slipped by way of the winding caves. He reached Harlow’s skinless physique. His nerves had been on fireplace, his coronary heart was pounding with adrenaline, and his mind was aching from dopamine. Harlow’s pores and skin lay on the ground like soiled laundry.

“Please…” Harlow begged for mercy.

The king put a hand on Harlow’s chest. The final reward slid and climbed inside her open physique, clinging to bones, arteries and organs. The reward injected its payload, making ready its physique for the ultimate transformation.

“The third metamorphosis has begun,” Nick mentioned.

Harlow screamed as his bones shattered, shattered and reformed with the sound of crackling firewood. Flesh was torn as cancerous bones swelled and enlarged his physique. New twisted appendages slid throughout the ground. The Puppets had been singing louder. Harlow’s cranium separated and honeycomb eyeballs flooded the gaps. Insect claws sprouted from his ragged fingers. The outer layer of flesh bubbled like sunburned flesh, hardened, then crusted over. The shell was the colour of spoiled milk.

Harlow tried to cry. He couldn’t. His vocal cords had been not human.


The cult had as soon as been human. That was earlier than they noticed the numerous faces of God, earlier than their initiations by the King, earlier than they noticed past the veil of loss of life. The depressing hum of puppets and clergymen rose as they supplied a prayer to the god of metamorphic change. They had been hidden beneath the damp floor, inside countless mazes and caverns.

Harlow dragged the our bodies of kangaroos, possums and canines behind him. His octopus arms clung to their fur, suction cups biting into the flesh that was nonetheless alive. The wild animals tried to flee however had been wrapped in tentacles. This far underground, there was nowhere to go.

Harlow’s brother Noah greeted him.

“The Doorway is rising day by day,” Noah buzzed. The trustworthy reply the decision.

“And we’re the servants who blaze the path between the 2,” was the reply.

Harlow sewed the animals into the construction. They screamed and bellowed as his needle fingers took strands of their muscle mass to make use of as thread. The door groaned; a thousand animal our bodies fused collectively by ache, needles and science. Corrupted blood flowed by way of the creatures, twisting their bones collectively. Electrical impulses saved their animal hearts and brains going whilst they merged into one physique, one consciousness. The gate was already greater than the grandest of mansions. It was rising day by day, hidden beneath the dense hills of Boddingup.

Quickly the Gate would open. The king had already been stranded as soon as at Boddingup, locked up in a authorities institution. It would not fail anymore.

“Brother, the harvest is proving troublesome,” mentioned Harlow, “Every day now we have to stray farther to search out prey.”

“It appears like every little thing close by both acquired picked up or ran away,” Nick replied. The birds had been not singing within the forest; they’d been the primary to flee.

“What can we do? We’re so near ascension,” Harlow requested.

“Possibly it is time to head again to Boddingup, there’s loads of life to be discovered there.”

“Are we able to go once more? I do not assume they’d need our items.

Nick sighed, a rustle made from bony ridges on his again, “Sadly not everybody will settle for the reality.

Harlow would have smiled if he may. “We’ll begin with the outer streets and clear them up.”

Nick’s claws snapped approvingly. “Ensure you do not depart any proof. We can not afford to be found.


Pale moonlight shone on the insect our bodies of Harlow’s hive brothers. They responded to his pheromones and buzzing instructions. Harlow moved like a cockroach, shifting from shadow to shadow.

The city of Boddingup huddles in opposition to the night time. Bushes surrounded the town, offering a transparent barrier between civilization and nature. Even so, branches reached out to tear the town’s borders. Nature would all the time win.

A small stone home stood on the finish of Brewer Lane, the farthest avenue from Boddingup. It was Harlow’s goal. His dozens of bug eyes picked up motion as he gazed out the open home windows. He may hear police automobiles driving by way of city. They’d been extra lively because the disappearance of a number of youngsters.

“Silent as spiders,” Harlow ordered.

The soldiers crawled over the home, slipping down the chimney and thru the open home windows.

“Strike now,” whisper Harlow’s pheromones.

Like fireplace ants, the Puppets surged. They tackled the person and the girl to the bottom.

The person struggled together with his attackers, “What the f-“

Earlier than both of them had completed screaming, the puppets vomited up a stream of fibers, closing their mouths. They had been dragged out of their home, kicking and struggling.

The headlights of a police automobile illuminated church members as they crossed the street. The sirens howled. Two uniformed officers got here out, weapons raised.


“Step again and lie down on the bottom!” mentioned the feminine cop, she turned her head to her radio, “It is Officer Miller, now we have a potential assault and kidnapping on Brewer Lane.”

The police officer approached the buzzing hornets, however saved his distance, “These silly costumes will not do you any good, now lie down!”

Harlow flexes his backbone, releasing pheromone spores. Multi-limbed monsters shot up like arrows. The cops fired on intuition, the weapons kicking from the recoil. Gunshots echoed on the street. Many of the bullets sparkled on the street, however one hit Harlow. A shoulder popped like a pimple, spraying purple liquid.

With a grunt, Harlow joined the fray. One of many worshipers collapsed, bullets lodged within the mind and spinal wire. In a whirlwind of chitin and violence, the shape-shifting creatures tore the cops aside. A claw separated Officer Miller’s legs from his waist. She collapsed and handed out in shock as her blood pumped on the asphalt. The officer turned to flee. Spikes and tendrils pierced his again, dragging him alongside like a meowing mustang.

Harlow stood up. A lot the more severe for leaving no proof, he thought. With a rustle of ridged plates, he ordered his followers again into the forest. They dragged their victims nonetheless alive to affix the hive.

Quickly man and girl could be joined in holy communion on the Gate. Their voices, their our bodies and their bones would grow to be one.

Credit score: Aaron Beardsell


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