HaBO: a small car with a gear lever

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Assist a feminine canine out

This HaBO is from Sam, who hopes to reunite with that romance:

I am making an attempt to recollect a e book that appears prefer it needs to be straightforward, however there are such a lot of books that current these tropes and archetypes on this setting that I can not get it.

So… up to date: cis-het; most, if not all, whitespace characters; low to medium warmth degree (I believe).

Small city, primary male character is a primary responder (extra probably sheriff/deputy, however probably EMT/firefighter); the principle feminine character returned after being away or new on the town. I am *fairly* positive the e book opens with him discovering his massive canine working (perhaps having a detailed name with a automobile?).

If I bear in mind appropriately, she drives a smaller automotive (with a stick shift?), like a VW Beetle or a Mini Cooper, and the city is a bit hilly. The canine is necessary to the FMC and comes up very often within the story, however I do not assume she works with animals. I do not bear in mind what the battle was that they could not be collectively straight away.

The e book has the texture of a Jill Shalvis or early Kristan Higgins, however I checked out their titles fairly fastidiously. It is positively not KH, and I do not assume it is a Jill Shallvis (Head Over Heels appears the closest, however is not it). It isn’t Debbie Burns or Lucy Gilmore; do not assume it is a Lucy Rating.

I do not know if it is a part of a sequence or a stand-alone. I learn it between 2013 and 2018, however it could be older. I’ve polled the opposite romance readers in my library, and none of us can work out what it’s, although all of them need to learn it now too.

Can we HaBO?

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