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the light hungers

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It has been like this because the daybreak of time. Evil is all the time born out of darkness. The sturdy feed on the weak and the lesser. Not all the time to outlive, however typically simply to experience its merciless energy. Inflict ache for the sheer pleasure of doing so. Though the strategies and places might change over the eons, the story is all the time the identical.

The creature crawled from the shadows in direction of the little woman. For the previous few hours, he had been toying along with her, meticulously increase her worry to deliciously intoxicating ranges. The darkness was the drive, the ability and it was as much as the creature to command. He is watched her patiently for the previous two nights, studying her hopes and fears. Oh, how he liked letting his victims desperately grasp for hope after enjoying on their fears for some time. Then allow them to really feel a touch of reduction earlier than taking it off. Crushing them underneath the load of their terror when he moved to kill him. Because the creature acquired nearer, she may see it shivering underneath the blanket.

“Nonetheless the identical,” smiled the creature, “hidden underneath their blanket as if it may shield them from the darkness or my claws.”

Slowly, the creature minimize the blanket with its black talons, cautious to solely brush towards its mushy, weak flesh. Her mouth salivated as she waited for the inevitable scream to erupt from her sobbing sufferer. The creature all the time rejoiced when its victims lastly realized in the long run, that the prey had no hope. The creature ready its claws for the blow, pausing solely momentarily, to construct and savor the phobia of its prey earlier than inflicting the primary.

“You suppose you are so sturdy,” whispered the small voice underneath the ragged blanket.

Shocked by his phrases, the creature recoiled and withdrew its claw as if it had been burned by them. Troubled by this surprising habits, the creature pricked up its ears and listened intently. This wasn’t the primary time her prey’s fight-or-flight response had triggered aggression in direction of her. There have been occasions when a mom has tried to guard her youngsters or when a person has tried to guard his mate. However even on these uncommon events it was solely completed out of desperation, and by no means from such a small piece.

All these false heroes, full of their ephemeral and determined braveness. They had been nothing greater than a delicacy for the creature, and their desperation seasoned its meal. They had been only a toy to be gutted and left alive lengthy sufficient to see him savor the agony of these that they had failed to guard.

“You suppose the darkness you employ as a weapon makes you highly effective…” the small voice continued.

It was then that the creature realized that the piece was not shaking in worry, however laughing!

“…however the darkness is weak. It’s nothing greater than the absence of sunshine…”

Desperately, the creature went after the woman.

“…and held at bay by the smallest and most delicate of flames,” the little woman stated, stopping the creature’s blow with nothing greater than a small spark held within the palm of her hand.

Screaming in ache and rage, the creature clutched its injured claw to its chest, frantically trying to find a gap to complete off the woman. It was now not a hunt or a recreation, however a battle for survival. “I used to be not born of darkness; I’m darkness incarnate,” the creature raged. The shadows across the room gathered to drown out the ball of sunshine that was now rising within the woman’s hand.

“I’ve hunted and devoured numerous lives, feasting on their worry and despair, since time immemorial. Do you suppose I worry your mere sleight of hand?” sneered the creature. the sunshine, dimming it, giving the creature the openness it wanted.

The little woman appeared up on the creature and smiled, “You continue to contemplate this ship your prey?” I’d suppose somebody as outdated as you’ll be clever sufficient to know the distinction between prey and bait.

Gentle shoots from the little woman’s physique, flooding the room with its glow. A throbbing ache tore by means of the creature with better savagery than something it had ever recognized, pushing it again underneath the mattress. Huddled within the final remaining shadow underneath the mattress, the creature trembled in terror and ache as the sunshine continued to creep in direction of it to devour its remaining flesh.

In its final moments of existence, the creature sobbed to itself, “gentle feeds on darkness…gentle feeds on darkness…gentle fe…”

One other time, one other place. Though the solid might change, however the story remains to be the identical.

After rigorously chopping the window display, a serial killer slipped into the sleeping kid’s bed room and quietly crept throughout the room to the place the little boy was hiding. underneath the covers. The killer smiled on the considered the mother or father discovering their valuable baby slain by her hand, and savored the ache she knew they might really feel. As she readied her ax to color the room within the blood of her new masterpiece, she heard a small voice laughing from underneath the blanket “You suppose you are so sturdy…”

Credit score: Rob Graves

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