Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Impulse”

Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Impulse”

Written by Jonathan Fernandez and Terry Matalas
Directed by David Livingston
Season 3, Episode 5
Manufacturing Episode 0567
Unique Airdate: October 8, 2003
Date: unknown

Captain’s Star Diary. We open with T’Pol bullshitting about one in every of Phlox’s biobeds. It takes each Archer and Phlox to carry her again sufficient to calm her down.

Then we return at some point. Archer and Tucker undergo the Xindi database through the evening shift, as neither can sleep. T’Pol joins them, shocked that they did not invite her to the celebration, however they thought it could be impolite to wake her up.

Sato – who can be awake for no motive the script bothers to elucidate – experiences a misery name from a Vulcan ship, the Seleya. In accordance with T’Pol, who served on the Seleya earlier than being assigned to the Consulate on Earth – the ship was investigating the Expanse border earlier than they have been sucked in. Vaankarathe ship whose crew went loopy and whose footage Soval confirmed them to attempt to persuade Archer and Forrest to not go, was despatched to search out them and clearly failed.

They modify course. Seleya is in the midst of an exceptionally dense asteroid subject. Native anomalies trigger them to gambol and collide. Definitely not Enterprise can navigate there safely, however a shuttle can. Asteroids are additionally constructed from Trellium, so this can be a likelihood to mine some. Archer duties Tucker and Mayweather with accumulating trellium whereas the captain leads a boarding celebration that features T’Pol, Reed, and Hawkins.

The boarding celebration investigates the ship, noting that they’ve lined a lot of their ahead hull with mesh. They quickly encounter the crew, however the Vulcans they encounter are fully feral and in addition lined in icky sores. It additionally takes multiple hit on a stun part gun to take them down. Sure, they got here throughout VULCAN SPACE ZOMBIES! Each Archer and Hawkins are injured, the latter fairly badly, and so they have been lower off from the docking port. They can not contact Enterprise on their comms for no motive the script cares to offer, in order that they need to discover a comms terminal on the ship.

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However their first precedence is the infirmary to deal with Hawkins. They head there, with T’Pol warning Archer that she’s dropping her personal emotional management – it doesn’t matter what. Seleya the Vulcan House Zombies crew appear to have an effect on him as properly.

On Enterprise, Tucker and Mayweather attempt to beam some trellium on board, however the anomalies that trigger the asteroids to behave bizarre additionally have an effect on the beamer. As a substitute, they take the opposite shuttle into the sector to mine some trellium, which they do, however not with out the shuttle taking injury.

On Seleya, the bridge is simply too far for the boarding crew to succeed in, however they will attain the auxiliary management. After downloading the bioscan information on the crew from the computer systems within the infirmary, they head there and need to make repairs. It is a troublesome course of, made extra sophisticated by T’Pol’s shortened mood. She accuses Archer and Tucker of intentionally leaving her out of the Xindi database overview, and throws Archer’s story of Vulcan bigotry in her face.

They find yourself getting in contact with Enterprise, transferring medical information. Sadly, the pod must be repaired, so a right away rescue is not going to happen.

Phlox scans the biodata and regretfully experiences that the refined trellium releases a neurotoxin that severely impacts Vulcans. Tucker is shocked, as he and T’Pol have been working with the trellium for ages, however they have not been capable of refine it, which is the issue. T’Pol can nonetheless be cured in the event that they get her again quickly, nevertheless it’s been months since Seleya crew, and Phlox declares that they’re past assist.

T’Pol is critically dropping it, and she or he fires a part gun on the others. A distraction from the Vulcan House Zombies attempting to take over auxiliary management permits Archer to disarm her. The Vulcan area zombies start to flood the auxiliary management with gasoline, a stage of management over their actions that that they had not demonstrated earlier than and won’t show after this. Reed finds a approach to overload the ship’s methods in order that all the pieces shuts down, which can free the bulkheads that lower them off from the docking port.

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They transfer by means of the crawl areas and attempt to discover their approach to the docking port, at one level having to cross an enormous chasm. T’Pol’s paranoid insanity will get to the purpose the place Archer has to stun her. He simply did not do it earlier as a result of now he has to put on it…

They arrive on the port, however the mooring clamps don’t launch. Tucker and Mayweather present up simply in time to pop the clamps and permit them to be free. THE Seleya goes increase and each shuttles return to Enterprise.

T’Pol, nonetheless, continues to be not at her finest. She has a nightmare of being attacked once more by Vulcan House Zombies…

Cannot we simply reverse the polarity? Reed fails his first saving throw towards technobabble, inflicting T’Pol to scream and throw issues at him. However his second concept works very properly…

The speech of the gazelle. When requested by Tucker about the potential of reviving Film Evening, Archer fully dismisses the concept, saying there can be time for films after the Xindi is shut down. Tucker must remind him that the crew aren’t automatons, and that even he – who has extra ardour for Xindi than anybody else – acknowledges that they want R&R, stat.

Archer additionally refuses to depart T’Pol behind, saying there isn’t any level in combating for humanity if he stops being human, which is a stage of self-awareness I want I had. when he tortured prisoners…

I used to be educated to tolerate offensive conditions. At one level, Hawkins expresses confusion over how Vulcan area zombies can all be loopy when Vulcans haven’t any feelings. T’Pol patiently corrects the misunderstanding, that in actual fact Vulcans have massively turbulent feelings that they management. As T’Pol herself demonstrates in the remainder of the episode…

Florida man. Florida man revives film evening regardless of PTSD issues.

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Optimism, captain! Phlox learns that the trellium is deadly to the ship’s science officer, which is a little bit of an issue…

Higher to take MACO. Hawkins accompanies the mission and comes properly armed and with water and provides and all the pieces, and usually does what he’s alleged to do, and does it properly, which is a primary for MACOs to date…

I’ve religion…

“Hearken to me! It is a rescue mission, we’re right here to avoid wasting these individuals.

“You are mendacity! You need to kill them!

“If that is true, then why would I hold our weapons surprised?” It’s not logical.

–Archer attempting to speak to T’Pol.

Welcome aboard. The one visitor is recurring common Sean Nelson, who returns as Hawkins from “Anomaly.” He can be again in “Hatchery”.

Trivial questions: The story for this episode was written by Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Fernandez and Manufacturing Affiliate Terry Matalas. Matalas, who has primarily been Brannon Braga’s assistant, will proceed to work with Braga on each Threshold And Terra Novawork on remakes of Nikita And MacGyver, co-develop the TV spin-off of 12 monkeysand lately took over as show-runner of picard for its second and third seasons.

Soval confirmed photographs of the Vaankara crew to Archer and Forrest in “The Expanse”. This episode reveals what this ship’s mission was within the Expanse.

Seleya in all probability bears the title of the mountain of Vulcan, seen in Spock’s Search as the placement of the Corridor of Historic Thought.

The teaser for this episode is just eighteen seconds lengthy, which is the shortest of climbing the story, supplanting the twenty-one-second teaser for Traveler“Scorpio”.

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It has been an extended highway… “I can not attempt to save humanity with out clinging to what makes me human.” star trek and horror hardly ever go hand in hand. From “Catspaw” from the unique sequence to GNT“Conspiracy” and “Sub Rosa” from DS9‘s “Empok Nor” at Travelerfrom “The Haunting of Deck Twelve” to Enterprisefrom “Unusual New World” to SNOW“All These Who Wander” climbingMakes an attempt at horror have largely failed.

So it is moderately a nice shock to search out that the Vulcan House Zombies episode is best than most.

Hiring David Livingstone was completely the precise choice, as he is likely one of the strongest motion administrators within the climbing secure of the time. And the episode seems to be superior, from the very efficient visible of asteroids crashing into one another to wanting gorgeous Seleya to Mayweather’s less-than-perfect touchdown on one of many asteroids to Livingston’s efficient use of Vulcan House Zombies’ lighting, digital camera angles and yucky make-up.

And the story roughly holds up. Good to see a motive why the Vaankara was within the Expanse within the first place, and now we’ve got a great motive why all of them went clac-cot-gibberish-gibberish-my-old-man-a-mushroom, and so forth. That mentioned, the episode has one main flaw. All through, we see the Vulcan House Zombies screaming and screaming and attacking and usually appearing like, properly, zombies. There aren’t any indicators of intelligence or rationality. But someway they will manipulate the tools to arrange gasoline infusion in auxiliary management. I used to be simply staring on the display questioning how they managed after they confirmed No indicators of that stage of reasoning in any other case.

To my aid, we see indicators that the crew is coming to their senses. The additional they get from the tragedy of the Xindi assault, the extra they start to recollect what they characterize. From Tucker eager to revive Film Evening to Archer’s refusal to surrender on T’Pol. It is a delight to see, although Archer’s preliminary rejection of the Film Evening revival is yet one more piece of proof (of which there was path an excessive amount of within the first two seasons) that Archer is just not totally certified to be captain of this ship. It is also telling that a lot of T’Pol’s accusations towards Archer whereas she’s fully insane even have proof to again them up…

Deformation Issue Score: 7

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