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beware the waters

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Watch out for the waters, says the signal blocking the dust street. The street, winding right down to a lake, overgrown and poorly maintained, lay deserted for a few years. The dug homes of the lake are withered, their homeowners disappear from actuality. Nobody can say the precise purpose, however everybody is aware of to keep away from Lake Aquarius.

Watch out for the Waters, say the elders to the naive kids. They frolic and play dangerously close to the chain hyperlink fence. The kids hear the warning, they usually obey, as a result of they belief the data of their elders. They do not know why they pay attention, however they know that to be good they have to be obedient.

Beware the waters, Ruthie grew up listening to these phrases. When she was younger, these phrases have been by no means to be disobeyed, for she feared the implications. As we received older, the that means started to fade. At sixteen, Ruthie’s curiosity led to rise up, and she or he now not cared about being “obedient” and “good.” She needed to know the reality behind the custom, and the idea of consequence would not cease her.

So it was that one morning, because the solar was simply starting to rise, lengthy earlier than any of the elders had woken up, Ruthie got down to discover the waters.

She scales the fence and walks down the trail following the indicators. This strategy to Aquarius Lake! The path, barely seen, has not been touched by man for a few years. Though solely rather less than a mile from civilization, the wooded calamity that surrounds Lake Aquarius virtually feels prefer it belongs in a world of its personal. Mom nature takes again what’s rightfully hers.

Watch out for the waters, the voice in her head says, however she ignores it. Ruthie stands above the crystal clear waters of Lake Aquarius. The light waves look calm and alluring, shimmering within the cool rays of the solar.

Beware the waters, the ghosts of the ancients whisper just like the wind by the timber as Ruthie flirted with temptation. In a hypnotic daze, she wanders across the glistening pool. The water was heat and refreshing as Ruthie relaxed after her almost mile lengthy hike. The crystal clear waters wash Ruthie, she feels pure, as if she had been reborn. How may one thing so forbidden be so good? Rebel is sweet.

She notices, on the backside of the lake, one thing that shines virtually brighter than the solar itself. Her soul feels drawn to the riddle as she curiously swims under to research. She swims and swims for what looks as if an eternity. Instantly, she finds herself swimming to the floor. Solely it’s not surrounded by the wooded calamity that was Lake Aquarius, it’s surrounded by absolute nothingness.

The world round him, or lack thereof, is solely white. A brilliant, burning white that shines by Ruthie’s eyelids because the deafening silence echoes by her eardrums. All the colourful colours, luscious textures, sensational smells and harmonious tunes of the world disappear because the lake slowly evaporates into actuality. Ruthie panics as she enters the void. She runs, however she’s not going anyplace. She speaks, however she says nothing. She lives, however she will not be actual. At all times alone in everlasting nothingness.

Ruthie now not exists.

Credit score: Tabitha Lucius


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