My friend did something terrible to prove a philosophical point

my friend did something terrible to prove a philosophical point

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Tom and I had been each neurology college students in our senior 12 months. I feel it began when her mom handed away just a few months in the past – a drunk driver crashed into her automotive. I am majoring in theology however my good friend was an atheist, which is why her dying hit him so onerous. He stopped going out with buddies and stopped exhibiting up at social events. He did not present as much as class. His girlfriend was empathetic however broke up with him after three months of abject apathy.

As a Christian, I by no means understood his absolute rejection of the divine. If you happen to apply scientific logic to theology, you’ll come to the conclusion that since there isn’t a empirical proof of God, God doesn’t exist. I disagreed; Nice scientists like Albert Einstein believed in God. The chilly logic of science can not and mustn’t apply to sure issues, and the realm of the divine is one in all them. I now perceive, extra clearly than ever, why sure issues shouldn’t be examined with a eager eye, lest you uncover one thing higher left unaddressed.

I spoke to Tom about God, the human soul and the afterlife. His mom was a very good individual. She gave meals to the homeless and helped the much less lucky. I keep in mind once I had this dialog with him, he laughed. There was a gleam in his eyes that I hadn’t seen earlier than. Then he requested me:

‘What if I can definitively show that the whole lot you simply instructed me is incorrect?’

In hindsight, I ought to have identified Tom wasn’t one to joke round. As a substitute, I laughed with him and shrugged.

To grasp what occurred subsequent, some context is required. There was a homeless one who appeared fairly often on our campus, which can be very near the place Tom lived. Judging by his accent, he was in all probability from Japanese Europe. He could not keep in mind his title and possibly had amnesia, so college students on campus known as him John Doe. He was pleasant and approachable, so individuals typically accepted his presence.

A couple of days after our dialog, John Doe stopped showing on campus. Nothing has been executed about it; he had no household so nobody cared sufficient to research. A few week after John disappeared, I ended by his condo after faculty one night to see how he was doing.

After just a few beers or so, Tom instructed me to observe him. We stopped in entrance of the lavatory door.

“Do you keep in mind what you instructed me in regards to the human soul? He requested. “I do know you meant properly. You had been making an attempt to make me really feel higher and the whole lot. However, on the finish of the day, I feel we would all be happier figuring out the reality than dwelling on a mattress of lies. He noticed my discomfort and added, “I do not need to harm you or something. I am simply making an attempt to determine the shit out. I must know what you concentrate on it.

Instantly, one thing heavy slammed towards the wood door.

Tom opened the door. Contained in the room was John Doe. He was in a seated place on a folding plastic chair. He growled after we entered. His pupils darted as much as stare at us. I instinctively knew one thing was incorrect with him. Her palms had been tied behind her again and her legs tied to the chair. There have been burn marks on his brow. Subsequent to him had been used saline pads from the campus lab, hooked up to a automotive battery.

‘What’s a soul?’ Tom requested me. “From what I retain from studying the Bible, the Talmud and the Koran, the soul is, in a phrase, the human conscience. The texts do not fully agree on the specifics, however they do agree that each one people have a soul, and that human souls can exist and not using a physique within the afterlife.

John growled and laughed at us. The tendons in his neck and limbs had been tense as he struggled to free himself. He opened his mouth, emitting a guttural cry.

“Have a look at him,” Tom mentioned. He held his hand in entrance of John Doe, who lunged ahead to chunk him and missed. “He’s actually conscious. However on the identical time, you completely can not name him human as a result of he now not remembers something, now not speaks, now not feels feelings like love, unhappiness or empathy.

‘What the fuck did you do?’ I keep in mind asking.

“I cooked his frontal lobe,” was the reply. “My query is, Daniel…The place is John’s soul?” If he had a soul – some type of innate religious consciousness – and if it was in heaven or hell proper now, how do you clarify the creature we’re ? Who pilots this physique? He’s neither aware nor unconscious – the creature we observe resides proof that John Doe by no means had a soul.


“As a result of, Daniel,” Tom mentioned, turning his again on John to glare at me. ‘I fucking hate you, and all of the individuals who faux to provide a rattling, for telling me empty lies. I do not need false consolation. I’m a scientist, I would like the reality. It is the reality.’

I heard one thing crack. I noticed that John Doe had freed himself from his restraints. Days and nights of tirelessly and fervently tugging on the polyester ropes that held him down – one thing no sane individual may have executed – had set him free. Tom screamed, and within the ensuing chaos, I remembered seeing blood spurting from Tom’s throat. All of it appeared distant, like one thing out of a drug-fueled nightmare, however my intuition pulled me off the ground, and I rushed into the following room and locked the door.

There have been onerous creaking noises coming from outdoors the door – which I believe is the sound of bones breaking. The stench of iron fills my nostrils. Then John Doe began scratching on the door. His burnt synapses in all probability meant he could not work out the mechanism of a doorknob, however after a number of failed makes an attempt, he started repeatedly banging his torso towards the wooden. Relentlessly, relentlessly, and simply as he broke the polyester rope. I believe the harm to his mind means his sense of ache has additionally been dulled.

I thought-about utilizing the window as a method of escape if crucial. I may break my legs, however that is a greater destiny than what occurred to Tom. Alternatively, I’ve a pair of scissors from Tom’s workplace. If the worst-case situation occurs – John’s physique makes it by the door earlier than the police arrive – I am going to need to defend myself. It nonetheless slams fervently towards the door as I sort, however the hardwood can take just a few knocks.

Wherever John is, I hope it is a greater place.

Credit score: Thaddeus Yeung

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