The Moth Keeper by K. O’Neill is a wonderful fairy tale

The Moth Keeper by K. O'Neill is a wonderful fairy tale

New Zealand cartoonist Ok. O’Neill has gained acclaim and awards for his much-loved movie Tea Dragon Society Trilogyand their newest e-book, The butterfly keeperis one other story about magical creatures, neighborhood, and the way they work collectively.

Anya is a teenage woman who has been given the duty of “Moth Keeper” – protector of the moon butterflies who permit the valuable flower of the evening lily to bloom every year, its pollen important to the well-being of her folks. It is an enormous accountability that Anya takes critically, even when it means lengthy, lonely nights holding butterflies among the many hills.

Anya Village is a “evening village” that lives in darkness. However on her travels, she sees the “daytime village” and wonders what it might be wish to spend a single day within the solar…

The butterfly keeper is drawn in a good looking fashion reminiscent Mary Blair and the story, stuffed with legends and magic, has hints of Miyazaki and Witch Hat Workshop. However that is actually all about O’Neill, an excellent story about dealing with accountability and discovering your home on this planet. Search for an interview with them later this week in Writer’s Weekly’s More to come Podcast. They already talked about their work right here on the Beat right here.

O’Neill’s work has been extremely honored: they’re a 2019 Eisner nominated for Greatest Youngsters’s Comedian (Aquicorn Cove), 2018 Eisner Winner for Greatest Youngsters’s Comedian, 2018 Eisner Winner for Greatest Net Comedian, 2018 Harvey Co-Winner for Greatest Youngsters’s Comedian, 2018 Dwayne McDuffie Award Winner for Youngsters’s Comedian (The Tea Dragon Society), 2017 ALA Amelia Bloomer Listing and nominated for the 2017 Dwayne McDuffie Children’ Comics Award (Princess Princess eternally).

The Moth Keeper is aimed toward 8-12 yr olds and comes out March 7 and is printed by Random house graphic.

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