Tons of fast and slow prompts

Tons of Fast and Slow Prompts

Speed up! To decelerate! Hurry, however hold in there! Typically you want speed-related prompts on your improv video games or playwriting tasks, and we cannot hold you ready. This is a set of 25 fast prompts and 25 languorous prompts (50 prompts whole!), together with a set of exit ticket questions and a helpful hyperlink within the giveaway under. Do not delay – go forward, hurry up!

Fast prompts
  1. A supersonic jet
  2. An Olympic sprinter
  3. An Olympic swimmer
  4. A velocity skater
  5. Hermes, the Greek god of velocity and agility
  6. Somebody is being chased by a bear
  7. Somebody urgently searching for a toilet
  8. A peregrine falcon
  9. A shortfin mako (the quickest shark on the earth)
  10. A race automotive
  11. Some sizzling gossip
  12. A cheetah
  13. A quick ball
  14. A high-speed prepare
  15. A superhero with tremendous quick powers (like The Flash or Quicksilver)
  16. An avalanche
  17. A pet canine or cat zooming in
  18. A quickstep ballroom dance
  19. A toboggan
  20. A carousel
  21. A rabbit
  22. EDM (digital dance music)
  23. quick meals
  24. The quick and the livid movie sequence
  25. A velociraptor
Gradual prompts
  1. A turtle
  2. A snail
  3. A child studying to stroll
  4. An previous particular person
  5. somebody with a damaged leg
  6. Individuals strolling alongside the seashore
  7. A visitors jam
  8. A sloth
  9. Ketchup popping out of a glass bottle
  10. Making an attempt to scrape price ticket residue from an merchandise
  11. Being placed on maintain on the cellphone
  12. A ballad
  13. A meal ready in a gradual cooker
  14. Get caught within the mud
  15. Stand in line
  16. Full a thousand piece puzzle
  17. Molasses
  18. Develop your hair
  19. A restaurant with poor service
  20. study to skate
  21. dial-up web
  22. Making an attempt to take away waterproof make-up
  23. Making an attempt to show off your cellphone in a theater whereas everyone seems to be staring angrily at you
  24. A buying cart with a shifting wheel
  25. Vacationers

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