Read an excerpt from The Future King

Read an excerpt from The Future King

Emry Merlin needs to be dwelling his finest life as a sorcerer’s apprentice.

We’re delighted to share an excerpt from The future king by Robyn Schneider, the second guide within the Emry Merlin YA fantasy collection, launched from Viking Books for Younger Readers on March 21.

Emry Merlin needs to be dwelling his finest life as a sorcerer’s apprentice. Now that she now not must impersonate her brother to check magic, she and Prince Arthur are nearer than ever. Besides King Uther has warned her to avoid his son, and Emry’s magic grows extra unpredictable by the day.

In the meantime, Arthur’s prophesied future because the One True King attracts close to. And as his wedding ceremony to Princess Guinevere attracts close to, he discovers she’s hiding a stunning secret. When Emry learns that the one hope to repair his more and more harmful magic is an eccentric Parisian alchemist, Arthur has his personal causes to accompany him to the French court docket and befriend an notorious mob of younger nobles. .

However it’s going to take greater than a depressed gargoyle, obscenely tight pants and a lethal sports activities match to steer our younger heroes away from their destiny. Can these reluctant royals and wayward wizards put apart their drama and save their kingdom, or is Camelot doomed?


Emry stared at his bed room ceiling, his coronary heart and ideas racing.

It had been 4 days for the reason that incident on the tavern, and he or she nonetheless did not know what was unsuitable along with her magic. Fortuitously, no comparable incident had occurred once more. Which was a aid. Grasp Ambrosius would by no means hold her as an apprentice if there was any likelihood that her magic would possibly slip away. Particularly if it might trigger hurt to these round him.

However protecting her downside a secret whereas determining learn how to resolve it turned out to be trickier than she had anticipated. She had tried to borrow books that appeared seemingly from the wizard’s workshop, however the outdated wizard had come up behind her, asking her what she was on the lookout for, and he or she hadn’t dared to take something about it. ‘Anwen. As a substitute, she’d pretended to be interested by a dreadful potions guide, and mumbled a lame excuse for wanting to elongate her hair.

Perhaps there was a guide within the fortress library that might assist clarify his downside. The magic part was intensive, and Grasp Ambrosius had additionally usually despatched her there to fetch books he had pulled from the volumes on his personal cabinets.

It would not damage to verify.

Emry dressed shortly, becoming the boys’ garments that had been nonetheless draped over the again of his chair. After which she slipped via the darkish halls of the fortress and pushed open the massive double doorways of the library.

A single candelabrum was lit, and in its dim glow a well-known determine sat at one of many lengthy tables.

A good-looking younger man, pale and brown, with an angular face made clearer by candlelight. He was dressed solely in a tunic and tights, a lock of hair hanging over one eye. He appeared up in alarm, clearly not anticipating anybody.

“Sorry,” Emry apologized. “I did not imply to shock you.”

“It is good.” Arthur’s mouth quirked in a smile. “I most likely wasn’t going to get a lot out of the 12 months of my life that I simply misplaced out of worry.” He leaned again in his chair, stretching. “I did not know anybody else was up this late.”

“Inconceivable to sleep.”


As Emry moved nearer, she might see the darkish circles beneath his eyes and the resigned weariness of his posture. It wasn’t the primary evening he’d spent late studying within the library, she realized. Simply the primary evening he had been caught.

He gestured to a chair. “Meet me?”

Emry bit his lip. She hadn’t anticipated to see him right here like this. In order that they each discover themselves alone on the place the place she had yielded, and return her kiss. She nonetheless remembered how the spines of books within the library had shoved into her again the evening of the promenade. And the way naive she had been, accepting that and pondering that princes would by no means find yourself with ladies like her as something however secret banter.

I would like you to be my court docket magician, he had stated. Is not that sufficient?

However this was not what he needed, not likely. And if she was being sincere, that wasn’t what she needed both. However that was how issues had been speculated to be.

“I’d admire the corporate,” Arthur insisted, sensing her hesitation.

“Is it so tough so that you can discover firm, Your Highness?” Emry replied, cracking a smile.

Arthur checked out him. “Shut up and get your books, wizard,” he ordered.

“I’ll. What are you studying?” she requested, her voice echoing via the cavernous library.

Arthur lifted a finger to his lips, trying nervously to his proper. For the primary time, Emry observed the second determine a number of tables away: Arthur’s obnoxious guard, Dakin, sleeping soundly, his legs propped up on a desk, his mouth hanging open. The guard set free a nasal snort.

“I am looking for out what occurred to Morgana,” Arthur admitted. “Or, on the very least, decide if she nonetheless poses a risk.”

Emry’s eyebrows rose in shock. “What have you ever discovered thus far?” »

“Not rather a lot.” Arthur sighed. “I can not perceive half of the magical phrases with out stopping to look them up, and my outdated English is extremely rusty.”

“Mine just isn’t.”

“Does that imply you are providing your assist?” He appeared so hopeful, like he actually needed her to say sure.

Harmfulwarns a voice. You are supposed to remain away. However Arthur had precisely the books she was on the lookout for. If there was a solution to his magical issues, it was in these books. And serving to her can be a handy excuse for her to lean on them. However greater than that, she could not depart him to this process alone.

“I suppose,” she stated.

“Nicely.” He gestured to a chair and Emry sat down.

“You are dressed as a boy once more,” he identified.

“Oh yeah.” Emry shrugged. Some days the attire did not really feel proper, however she did not wish to clarify it, so she simply stated, “Much less buttons.”

A nook of Arthur’s mouth quirked. “I prefer it. It jogs my memory of the great outdated days.” He pushed a stack of books onto the desk. “Check out these. Let me know if something jumps.

They learn in complicit silence for a second. Emry had forgotten how straightforward it was to be close to Arthur and the way unimaginable it was. He had saved her life, risking his personal and the way forward for Camelot. And now they had been alone collectively, and he or she wasn’t ready for it.

She wished he would cease her like that. As if he was nonetheless the boy she had mistaken for a librarian all these months in the past. As if he was going to rescue her, regardless of the penalties. As if the one future he needed was one by his aspect.

His fingers brushed hers as they grabbed the identical guide, and he did not transfer them away.

“Arthur,” she warned him, her voice barely above a whisper. His traitorous hand remained the place it was, touching hers.

“What?” he unleashed the total pressure of his smile. “There’s solely Dakin right here, and he is sleeping.”

Dakin, who will surely report back to the king that he had discovered them collectively within the library late at evening.

Emry withdrew his hand. “I informed you. We should not.

“Even if you wish to,” Arthur accused softly.

He was proper. She needed him. And he or she could not faux in any other case. That was why she could not find yourself in compromising positions like this. Alone within the library, within the dim candlelight, with the dreamy-eyed prince who made her coronary heart beat sooner and her insides soften. It solely difficult issues.

There was nothing left for her in Brocelande. This work was his father’s legacy. And he or she could not put him at risk as a result of she had emotions for somebody she might by no means be with. She wasn’t throwing simply because Arthur was kisser. Very effectively, a wonderful kiss. Somebody who knew precisely learn how to do it—

No. Focus.

“What I would like,” Emry barked, “is none of your small business.”

“My apologies, wizard.”

Arthur sighed and went to place a stack of books again on the cabinets. Emry glared at his again, turning the web page of his guide with maybe extra pressure than mandatory. The vellum minimize his finger and a line of blood spurted out.

“Ouch! she whined.

Dakin set free a shocked snore, and Emry’s coronary heart jumped in panic. He could not get up and discover her right here. It might be a catastrophe. She wanted – oh no – to belatedly really feel the icy tingle of Anwen’s magic.

After which she appeared down, horrified. A small flame burned on every palm. Her pores and skin was intact, however the sleeves of her costume had been beginning to scorch. Cease that! Emry was begging the unknown magic. Go away! She clenched her fists, however the flames curled between her fingers undeterred. She might really feel the magic rush via her veins.

Arthur caught his head out of the piles. “Is one thing burning?”

“No,” Emry replied, making an attempt to fend off the unwelcome magic. However that didn’t work. The room was too scorching. No, not the bed room. She was too scorching.

The magic would not cease till she bought what she needed. And he needed for use.

She needed to get out of there now. She grabbed her cloak and rushed out of the fortress, heading for the royal searching grounds. She did not know the place she was going, however that did not matter. All that mattered was getting as distant from the fortress – and everybody in it – as she might.

The evening air was a welcome aid in opposition to his burning pores and skin. She darted via the timber, making an attempt to disregard the buzzing and clicking of bugs. You’re a magicianshe reminded herself. The forest needs to be afraid of you. Moreover, it wasn’t an actual forest. Not just like the woods behind their cabin, wild, harmful and unknown.

Lastly, she got here to a clearing that contained the crumbling stays of an outdated church. Not a church of the present religion, she realized, noting the runes carved above the lintel and the odd round roof. A skinny stream flowed, silver within the moonlight.

Emry pushed again his hood and took a deep breath to calm himself. The purple flames pulsed eagerly in his palms, then swirled into swirls of black smoke.

It was new.

Magic welled up, thickening and swirling, till your complete glade was coated in darkness. Emry could not see something, not even his personal fingers. The unusual darkness pressed in opposition to her, crammed with whispers too faint to discern. Emry’s chest tightened as she shuffled blindly via the darkness, her fingers in entrance of her. Abruptly, she tripped over a tree root and stumbled past the sting of magic. It was an enormous black cloud, she noticed, and he or she had no thought how she had created it, or why.

“Go away,” Emry tried. “Shoo, cloud.”


She waited, counting the agonizing seconds till the darkness lastly started to decrease. Quickly it was only a plume of smoke, then nothing in any respect. The unknown magic moved away obediently, and Emry gasped because the acquainted tingle of his personal energy returned.

She slumped in opposition to a tree trunk, respiratory closely, her fingers shaking. Perhaps all of the magic had needed was for use, and now all the pieces can be advantageous. However someplace, she doubted it.

Extract of The longer term kingcopyright © 2023 by Robyn Schneider.

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