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Lost in the Woods - Creepypasta

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Earlier than studying this creepypasta, you should definitely take a look at the prequel right here: Unforgettable Halloween

It is arduous to consider {that a} yr has handed because the incident. I lay on my mattress, attempting to erase the reminiscences of that unlucky evening. However irrespective of how arduous I attempt; I can not suppress the occasions of that evening.

“Halloween once more…” I stated quietly to myself.

I acquired up from my mattress and walked to the kitchen. Right this moment I used to be not going to highschool because of particular circumstances. I ate my breakfast and had no dialog with my household. My household simply stared at me the entire time.

“So right this moment is a stupendous day. Excellent climate…” my mother stated.

I simply checked out her and left the kitchen. I went again to my room and sat there at my desk, my eyes mounted on the clock; silence.

I miss my mates and never a day goes by that I do not consider them. The police by no means discovered a hint of them after that evening and naturally they did not consider a single phrase I stated.

“Typical cops,” I believed in my head.

I saved the post-it I obtained after that evening in a field in my closet.

“Ought to I?” I questioned myself.

I went to my closet, grabbed the field and positioned it on my desk.

“Okay, it is time,” I stated to myself.

I opened the field to seek out that the sticky observe was gone.

“No, that may’t be true.” I began to panic.

I searched my room from high to backside to seek out the observe however with out success. Working out of choices, I stormed out of my room and again to the kitchen.

“The place’s the Observe!?” I requested.

“What grade?” my mom replied.

“The observe that was in that fucking field!” I screamed in rage.

“We do not know what you are speaking about?! We do not know any notes! stated my sister.

“LIES!” I yelled again.

“Settle down, David,” my older brother stated.

“Good God!” I shouted in frustration.

I stormed out of the lounge and headed for the storage. I grabbed my bike and rode down the road. I do not know what I completed by doing this, however I wanted to depart. I cycled by way of the streets and thru site visitors; till I attain the cemetery. I left my bike on the grass and rode the numerous rows of graves. I reached the graves of my mates.

“Who did this?” I whispered.

I stood there in silence and dread. Remembering all the great instances of my lifeless mates, a tear rolled down my cheek. It is scary how life can take the issues/individuals you’re keen on away from you in seconds. My mates usually are not lifeless, they’re trapped by this monster. I spent a complete yr dwelling in worry. I did every part I may to maintain him away; rituals, sacrifices, spells, every part. I hope it is over and I can reside my life.

I used to be about to depart once I observed one thing on one of many tombstones; it was a post-it. I leaned over and took the observe and it stated:

“I didn’t neglect you.”

I froze. How did the post-it get right here? ! Until…

I dropped the observe and began sprinting in the direction of my bike. Earlier than I reached my bike, a big black determine appeared in entrance of me.

“What is the rush, we’re simply getting began,” he stated.

The whole lot went black; I awakened tied to a chair in a big concrete bed room with solely a ceiling gentle and a metallic door. The metallic door opened and the Hooded Man entered.

“I advised you I hadn’t forgotten you,” remarked the Hooded Man.

I felt too weak to talk; all my vitality was sucked out of me. I simply stared at him.

“Your safety is gone. I’ll have enjoyable with you tonight. Let’s get began! he stated.

He introduced a cart full of assorted torture units. He took out a pointy knife and caught it into my chest cavity. I screamed on the high of my voice as blood gushed out of my physique.

“Shut up!” he stated aggressively grabbing my tongue and slicing it along with his knife. I felt blood gushing out of my mouth. I attempted to drag away till he lower open my chest and stabbed my organs arduous.

“Have you learnt how a lot bother you brought about me?! How did a mere human escape? he raged as he started tearing my organs aside.

He grabbed my intestines and began choking me. I gasped, every part began to fade. He let go of me and headed for the cart. He grabbed a boring hacksaw from the cart and began slicing off my limbs. I felt the hacksaw rip my muscle tissue. The ache was nothing I had ever felt earlier than; I saved screaming and resisting, I hope somebody or one thing will save me, however I assume my luck has run out. The Hooded Man grabbed my arm and ripped it from my physique. I can not take it anymore… I shut my eyes.

I awakened within the chair, my physique was again to regular. I heard amusing at nighttime nook.

“We’re simply getting began.” The person within the balaclava smirked. The metallic door opened and I noticed my household enter the room. That they had no expression on their faces…

“No…” I stated incredulously. “It isn’t attainable.”

“It’s best to have seen the look of their eyes!” He is laughing.

My household… gone. My worst fears have come true. Each nightmare, each worry and each doubt… Final yr I lived in mortal terror for my life and my household. You marvel when it should strike; ended up taking place anyway. My future was doomed from the beginning.

He tortured me for hours, sparing no instrument or technique. I could not do something however sit there. After just a few hours he stopped and stated, “Now it is time so that you can develop into my puppet, you curse.”

He shoved his entire hand into my chest. I felt that my very being was torn away from me; my soul is torn to shreds. No…I am not giving up. I began combating again with all my would possibly, he will not take me!

“What no! It may well’t be; it is unattainable!” he stated in shock as I ripped his soul from his physique.

I management it now. I felt the facility of hundreds of souls move by way of my veins. I may now launch all of the souls of the harmless individuals who fell sufferer to the hooded man or…develop into stronger.

It is Halloween evening and I’ve made my choice.

It is time to accumulate souls.

Written by Sloshedtrain

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