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We carried our our bodies by means of a gap within the stone, getting into a slim chamber. The partitions have been lined with flickering bugs, and beneath the stone far beneath my toes I may really feel the beat of eyeless fish swimming blindly in puddles of black water.

A faint yellow circle from our flashlight hit the cave wall. A bristling, disturbed tail crawled alongside the wall out of the sunshine and retreated into the darkness. Katherine, my tall, tanned companion, smiled at me however stopped as soon as she noticed the look on my face. She searched my eyes to verify I used to be okay.

‘It is good. Simply not a lot additional…please? I do not just like the weak spot of this torch.

‘That is good Mar. I agree. I do not wish to grope blindly alongside the partitions of caves to get out. But it surely appears such a disgrace to have one thing so thrilling so shut that you’ve got by no means explored.

Unable to consider a solution, I shrugged and let her prepared the ground. I frivolously gripped the again of her dishevelled overalls to let her information me. Cowardice – that was the explanation. I attempted to push the just about paralyzing concern deep into my abdomen. Higher not to consider spiders, higher not to consider something that may crawl, ooze, and scurry from above and behind at nighttime. Push your shoulders again – open your chest – and breathe usually. However how do you breathe usually when each step looks like one other nail within the coffin?

‘Hey! An exit!’ I exclaimed. “Please, Katherine, even if you wish to proceed, I simply want just a little break. »


To the fitting, on the high of the wall, was a circle roughly the form and measurement of a manhole. Katherine hoisted herself up, her toes kicking and peddling by means of the air. I adopted her with way more effort, lastly pulling myself to my toes beside her. Wanting up, I used to be instantly struck with concern and awe.

Knee-high grey blades of grass (if it may even be known as grass) rippled and coiled like tentacles within the windless air. The cloudless sky was just like the whites of the eyes, shot by means of with black veins. We stood in the course of a discipline in a world drained of coloration and, I felt, poisoned by an all-pervading, evil abnormality. The air was lifeless and deathly silent. A brief distance away the land was declining and we may see coloured waves of smoke swirling and crashing angrily in opposition to a sandy seashore.

Wanting on the weed, I puzzled if this was what resulted when a black and white colorblind particular person took psychedelics.

‘What the hell?’ Katherine whispered subsequent to me.

I regarded on the waves ‘why do not they make noise?’

She checked out me in disbelief. “Is that the one factor you seen?” The sky, please inform me you’ve got seen the sky – and the grass! Bizarre…’ I nodded.

Katherine sank deeper into the grass and shivered as she felt the grass lick her fingers. I simply watched Katherine stroll down the seashore and out onto the sand. I regarded down at my toes and regarded following. However trying up, I spotted she was gone. Hastily I used to be alone on this unusual world and began to panic.


I did not have to shout loudly for my voice to hold. However there was no response.

I felt the concern rise and rise. I turned unable to breathe deeply and my complete physique felt stiff and tingly. She had left the backpack and the torch on the entrance to the stone cave, so after a number of minutes of ready for her return, I took the gadgets over my shoulder. I do not know why – perhaps as a result of I assumed these items would make me really feel safer.

I swallowed my saliva and waded by means of the grass that moved round my legs just like the strands of moist hair of a mermaid floating underwater. I felt unusually oppressed by this grey sky above my head and seen that the black vein-like patterns I had seen earlier than have been shifting very slowly, as if pushing to cowl the sky – nearly as ivy does on outdated buildings and wood fences.

Strolling within the grass was like attempting to stroll underwater. Every step appeared gradual, my toes struggling to chop by means of the dense vegetation. After some time, the grass stopped abruptly and I moved away from it onto the seashore.

The sand, I seen now that I used to be nearer, was not solely grey however moved ever so barely round my toes. Virtually imperceptible ripples randomly burst out and radiated outward from in all places I stepped, in a really… full of life manner. These ripples did not final lengthy earlier than the protruding sand returned in full.

I regarded left and proper, however there was no signal of Katherine, simply an infinite stretch of seashore on both aspect. I picked up a bit of driftwood and carved an arrow pointing my manner, earlier than turning proper and strolling within the route I would seen Katherine go, whereas gently calling her identify.

‘Katherine! Kath! Hello Katherine!’ I screamed, however my voice was all that broke the silence.

I walked for what felt like an eternity, however I turned unsure. The seashore stretched uninterrupted on both aspect, so if she was on the seashore, how may I not see her? Strolling began to really feel pointless, so I circled and was as soon as once more paralyzed with concern.

A determine sat crouched on the sand incline about 20 yards away, watching me with black, pupilless eyes – just like the eyes of a seal. It was cadaverous and skeletal, 4 impossibly skinny and lengthy limbs hooked up to a tightly certain ribcage with grey pores and skin. The skeleton was on no account human. In its crouched place, the knees ended miles above the creature’s head, the arms prolonged in entrance and ending in ten curved toes of a foot, every with a black claw.

It did not have a mouth – no, wait, it did. As I watched, the decrease face cut up like tearing tissue, and the lipless mouth peeled away to disclose a mouth stuffed with small tooth, however sharp like our human canines.

I could not make any noise. I could not transfer. All I may do was look into that creature’s eyes, these outdated seal eyes, and simply stand there helpless. The place did he come from? How would I am going round to get again to the caves?

I heard weak, muffled screams to my left. I saved my distance from the creature, strolling round it till I used to be standing within the grass as an alternative of the sand. The creature’s head moved slowly, its eyes mounted on me. Painfully, I broke the creature’s gaze, however I would not dare flip my again on it.

I heard the screams once more and noticed a splatter of blue denim and blonde hair splatter on the ground. The weed was whipped round Katherine’s physique, nevertheless it was additionally operating down her throat, attempting to cease the screams. She was lined in cuts, neatly and exactly made, in straight horizontal strains throughout her physique. Blood spattered the grey grass, staining it purple.

Christ. Oh Jesus, Jesus Christ. Katherine, Katherine Oh my God, Katherine.

I tugged on the grass round his mouth, his large eyes watching me, his tiny pupils in these large brown irises. I tore the grass, nonetheless shivering at its texture. These strands I managed to snap withered and twisted earlier than changing into limp like dying snakes. Inside seconds Katherine’s mouth was clear and she or he spit out extra weed, which I noticed had additionally sliced ​​her tongue and the roof of her mouth. The second she may communicate, she yelled at me –


On the sound of his voice, the creature started to maneuver. I turned to him and our eyes met as soon as extra. Ridiculously lengthy skeletal legs started to uncurl, pulling the creature right into a standing place. He was tall, impossibly tall, that disproportionate ribcage nonetheless arched, that mouth rising wider and wider, revealing increasingly more these tiny sharp tooth.

100 tooth? 200? 1000?

He walked over to me and Katherine. I knew it will solely take a number of to achieve us. I saved tearing up that weed that certain Katherine, however at the same time as I did, the extra it grew, and all of the whereas she was screaming ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR GOD’S LOVE YOU HAVE TO GO IT’S COMING IT’S TOO LATE ME RUN’ however I maintain tearing up for so long as I can, and she or he struggles within the grass, earlier than the creature reaches us and he stands above us, and I RUN.

A part of the grass makes half-hearted makes an attempt to bind my ankles as they go, however I break away simply. I do know this world was glad by Katherine. The creature is not chasing me, however I can nonetheless hear it ripping by means of Katherine’s physique. The screams cease and I simply understand it ripped his throat out. The sand pulsates with pleasure, creating unusual shapes as an expression of delight. Black streaks within the sky transfer sooner. Again on the entrance to the caves, I throw myself by means of the outlet. I barely discover these bug-lined partitions, I do not even trouble to mild the torch earlier than dashing by means of the hole within the stone and sprinting cave after cave till I am propelled right into a world stuffed with mild and coloration.

Crying, crying, gasping, the blood from my severed ankles bleeding into the bottom, I return to my automotive, push within the keys and drive so far as I can, listening to with aid the sound of the engine roaring and the birds and tires and horns and wind .


Analysis groups scour the caves. They do not imagine me, after all they do not imagine me. There is no such thing as a gap within the rocks, no grey, carnivorous world. However I can always remember it, I can always remember the creature, I can always remember the look of these black, pupilless, extremely outdated seal eyes.

Credit score: Rylee Nickel

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