Cover Awe: Bright, Gold Colors

What are you reading ?  January 2023, part two

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Where Wild Peaches Grow by Cade Bentley.  A black woman faces the blanket.  She has a curly afro and wears an orange sleeveless shirt.  It is framed by branches, leaves and fruits of a peach tree.  The cover at the top changes from a brilliant blue to a golden yellow at the bottom.

Cover design by Leah Jacobs-Gordon

Amanda: What a sunny blanket that positively faucets into my want for winter to finish already.

Sarah: This can be a blanket I might stroll throughout a room to have a look at.

kiki: It is so fantastically heat that it seems to be prefer it’s actively glowing – excellent shade design.

Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances by Aliette De Bodard.  An Asian man with long hair and antlers lying against a golden carpet.  In his hand he holds an open book.

Cover art by Ravven

From Joanna: I pre-ordered it earlier than it bought a canopy, and it arrived on my Kindle this week. It is so fairly although! I actually desire a jacket with the material of his coat.

shana: Hellooooo there. It is a scrumptious blanket.

Amanda: Receive Jareth from Labyrinth vibes!

Sarah: Oh it is stunning. Jareth vibes for certain, and this different dude I noticed in plenty of gifsets on Tumblr about six years in the past. It is going to itch my mind till I bear in mind or discover what to google.

Friday I'm in love with Camryn Garrett.  A black woman in a big poofy dress with her hands on her hips as she throws her head back.  The skirt of the dress is made up of tiered ruffles, each of which is the color of the rainbow, starting with red on top.

Cover by Erick Davila

shana: Okay, however how can I get this gown?

Amanda: I like the colours and the motion and the enjoyment!

Sarah: Each time I see this cowl, and I see it usually, I am like, “That is cowl.”

Portrait of a Duchess by Scarlett Peckham.  A woman with light brown skin and brown curls stacked above her head wears a golden dress.  A man with his shirt unbuttoned kneels in front of her, taking her hand.  In the background is a painting on an easel of the woman, dressed in the same dress and leaning against a stone wall.

Amanda: The FemDom power on this cowl 🔥

kiki: Yellow and purple give wealthy RICH.

Sarah: I am in love with the retro kind processing.

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