Smackdown Tuning – Onboard Romances! : All About Romance %

Smackdown Tuning - Onboard Romances!  : All About Romance %

On-board settings are a pleasant mixture of pressured proximity and neighboring tropes, and the ships themselves might be anyplace – a river, ocean, house, or the sky! So with regards to ships, would you quite have yours setting sail or counting right down to launch? Here is a useful quiz that will help you resolve!

Would you quite… A romantic problem on board!

You like to greet:

One of the best feminine house captains:


Historic feminine officers?

Would you quite uncover your edge lover is

Secretly your fiancé?


Secretly the most important deity of your faith?

Would you quite watch a traumatized hero set sail with

A princess on the run?


A failed medium?

Would you quite see a YA romance on…

A quest for mysterious doubtlessly extraterrestrial artifacts?


A cruise within the Mediterranean?

Would you quite watch the hero save the heroine from

An alien race violating non-contact treaties with people?

  • Class 5 (sequence) by Michelle Diener


Himself, a vengeful pirate?

OR, Steampunk bonus!

Airship pirate kidnappers attempting to extort a ransom from his rich brother?

Do you like to see the protagonists main senior officers who’re

Drunk and negligent of their obligation?


Giving terribly immoral orders?

You like to see your lead embark with

An skilled sailor?



(None of those are on a spaceship, you say? Nicely, you get what you pay for…)

So, what’s your last alternative for this Setting Smackdown? Do you like a spaceship or a ship on water? The place do you ship all ships, so far as relationships? (Ugh, I obtained to the final sentence earlier than I did that.) Tell us within the feedback!

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