What to do in the face of the unknown?

Sometimes you don't know what's imagined and what's real

Let me let you know a few unusually quiet evening from years in the past. It was a brand new moon, and all my neighbors had gone to mattress oddly early. No passing vehicles, no breeze; even the nocturnal birds have been silent.

It was so unusually darkish and quiet.

Then I woke as much as one thing tapping on my window. I am not utterly paranoid, so I assumed it was stray wild animals. Ignoring him, I stored my eyes closed and went again to sleep.

That is once I heard the whispers.

You see, what made it extra intriguing was the truth that my room was on the third flooring of our home.

The window was behind me, closed however with the curtains open. And so I stood there and contemplated the choices all of us have when confronted with the unknown.

I might have executed what the characters of Night terrors volume 24 had.

I might have looked for solutions like our middle-aged physiotherapist did. It is not usually that your new shopper is a lady she knew in highschool – a lady who’s miraculously nonetheless 17 years outdated. with him. Or the person hunted by a assassin who has been useless for 2 centuries.

I selected to faux to sleep till the tapping and whispering stopped.

It was by no means straightforward.

However typically ignorance is the most suitable choice.

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See you quickly within the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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