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This HaBO is from Becky, who desires to recapture that historic romance:

It is a Magnificence and the Beast/Cinderella regency novel. (Hope I am not mixing 2 titles!)

The heroine exhibits up on the hero’s home fairly destitute in a snow or rainstorm and he has a fairly imply angle. He will not put her again in dangerous climate, no less than, however he is fairly a beast. She could have had a carriage or horse accident? Perhaps she was despatched to be a poor spinster someplace?

He was injured or traumatized from one thing in a foreign country (presumably India) and had quirks that others discovered offensive, however our heroine wasn’t too bothered. Might he have been an alcoholic, a soldier with PTSD, or an accident sufferer? I do not suppose he had anybody else on the property, or possibly only a devoted (however ticked) valet.

Both approach, she cares for him and her darkish aspect clears up as she is respectfully there for him. I believe he could not sleep or he was sleeping on one thing “bizarre” from the opposite nation. She helps him relaxation and chill out his nerves, so his true goodness begins to come back out.

In the long run, they clearly met and there was loads of tenderness as he healed – and it got here into his personal character. Clearly, they did the entire wedding ceremony, which shocked lots of people, however they each ended up higher collectively.

HaBO pals, thanks. I’ve discovered loads of Magnificence and the Beasts, however not one of the ones I’ve checked out appear fairly proper.

I do know there are various that may match, so let’s get to it!

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