Snark Cover: Making Room for Jesus

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Hello all! It is Cowl Snark time!

Love Drunk by SL Scott.  A martini glass is placed just in front of a man's crotch.  Inside, there appears to be some sort of hot yellow and pink radioactive liquid splashing out.

From Carol

To sneeze: Are we watching a pee or cum cocktail?

Tara: If that’s the case, it is fairly psychedelic.

Sarah: The splash is distressing.

Elysium: If any of your bodily fluids come out of the Lisa Frank colours, you could see a health care provider.

kiki: My accomplice and his buddies simply found that generally romance novels have completely banana covers and he’s now in tears of pleasure subsequent to me as he goes via all the duvet posts on the location.

Jo'aquin by Charmaine Ross.  Shiny golden shirtless man.  Near his crotch is a number two with lens flare.  Did JJ Abrams do this cover?

From Elizabeth: All in all, it is simply normal nonsense, however he appears to have a shiny navel. And possibly a pores and skin of fireplace?

Sarah: If my navel might be a flashlight, that might be VERY useful.

Ellen M: These muscle groups appear like they’re 1 second away from bursting

To sneeze: Oh ew, no exploding muscle groups please

Sarah: PAN PAN

Elysium: Press 2 for penis

Sarah: May this be a clue that this individual is a hemipene?

or has a hemipene?

Destiny promised by Jocelyn Montana.  A goal was a wolf man and a woman with a brown braid in a forest.  He holds her waist and she touches his face.

From Shoshana

Sarah: Awww, they’re at a seventh grade dance and so they gave technique to Jesus!

Carrie: Are all werewolves purple or does it fluctuate from wolf to wolf? Did he dye his hair or is it pure? Is there a werewolf hair racism between purples and greens? Does the colour activate when lightning goes via your nostril, because it appears to be taking place right here? Why do their asses shine?

Elysium: Is it me or is it Fiona from Shrek?

Sarah: Or one of many Olsen twins?

Ellen M: You possibly can’t inform me the wolf is not a extremely photoshopped plastic determine.

To sneeze: Wait, her ass is SEE THROUGH. Is that this a standard werewolf factor?

Decker's Dilemma by Chantal Fernando.  A woman sits behind a shirtless man.  She is in a bra and jeans.  Her leg appears to be slung over the man's shoulder, but from where she's sitting...there's no way it's her leg from this angle.

From Kimberly: The place does this additional leg come from? There isn’t any approach it is connected to both torso.

Sarah: I’m VERY confused.

Carrie: I do know there’s so much happening right here, however I am a easy woman and I am obsessive about the only factor – what is the finish of the phrase “mo”?

Sarah: It is MC. motorbike membership

Seems like an O although, no query

Carrie: Yeah, as a result of there is a hooligan’s paw on it!

Sarah: I hate when a thug’s leg interferes with my graphic design, too!

Tara: It is okay, Carrie. He appears simply as confused.

To sneeze: Does not it additionally appear that his torso from the pectorals is truncated and shrunken?

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