Read an excerpt from Descendant Machine

Read an excerpt from Descendant Machine

When Nicola Mafalda’s scout ship is attacked, she is deeply traumatized by the drastic motion it takes to maintain her alive.

We’re delighted to share an excerpt from Descending machine by Gareth L. Powell, launched from Titan Books on April 11.

When Nicola Mafalda’s scout ship is attacked, she is deeply traumatized by the drastic motion it takes to maintain her alive. Months later, when an previous flame asks her for assist, she realizes she should discover a strategy to forgive each the ship and her former lover. Reckless parts attempt to reactivate an enormous machine that has been dormant for 1000’s of years. To cease them, Nicola and her crew must put apart their variations, sneak aboard an unlimited alien megaship and attempt to keep alive lengthy sufficient to keep away from galactic devastation.




As we left the environment and the Elegant Border propelled upward, an area gunboat saluted us.

“Howdy,” I despatched within the native language. “I am honored. I did not count on you to deliver out the massive weapons simply to say goodbye. Though missing interstellar functionality, the Jzatian gunboat simply grew to double our dimension. It regarded clumsy and purposeful of one thing whose builders had bolted it with little regard for aesthetics.The hull was a steel dice sporting clusters of high-caliber propellant nozzles at every apex.Weapons slots and focusing on sensors coated 5 of its six faces. “Nicola Mafalda?” replied the commander of the gunboat. “This isn’t a ceremonial go to. You might have a member of our diplomatic service on board.

I checked the manifest. “Indra Petroq? Sure, she joins the delegation of Jzat ambassadors to the Continuance fleet. “Please word that we wish to take your passenger into custody.”

“Has she dedicated a criminal offense?

“That is none of your enterprise.” Weapon mounts swung round to intention at us. “You might have one minute to report your compliance.”

“Excuse me?”

“Fifty-five seconds.”

“Are you threatening me?” I could not suppress the exasperation in my tone. “Severely?”

THE Elegant Border and I had come right here to ship our passenger. The rulers of Jzat had given permission to a physicist from the Thousand Arches of Continuation to go to and research the Grand Mechanism. It could be the primary time the Jzat had allowed a human inside 100 thousand miles of the factor, and apparently that was an ideal honor.

The physicist was a younger protégé named Orlando Walden. I had willingly allowed him to be current on the command bridge as we approached Jzat – and he had appeared captivated by the Mechanism pictures displayed on the bridge’s varied screens and screens.

“What do you assume, Walden?” »

The child turned to have a look at me. He was tall however skinny, with darkish eyeshadow and black nail polish that solely served to stipulate the hollows of his cheeks. He wore a collarless charcoal jacket that reached his neck and had his lengthy, soiled blond hair styled in a ponytail. He had scalloped the backs of his palms with good tattoos concurrently displaying information feeds, monitoring his very important indicators, shopping by a wide range of laptop video games and simulations, and predicting native climate situations on Jzat.

“It is fascinating,” he says, managing to not stutter.

Born and raised on the Arks of Continuity, he claimed this was his first journey past the confines of the fleet, and once we landed on the planet it might be his first expertise of each pure gravity and pure daylight. Upon touchdown, we entrusted Orlando Walden to a delegation of Jzat scientists who wished to take him to review their nice hoop. The poor child’s eyes have been extensive like saucers.

After that we stayed for a number of days whereas preparations have been made for our return journey. Then, as soon as Petroq and a handful of different passengers have been on board, we started our journey residence, bringing them again to the fleet, the place they’d take over as Jzat’s ambassador to Human Continuation. It wasn’t a glamorous task for us, however working for the Vanguard wasn’t all journey and pleasure; typically it was sufficient to swallow your satisfaction and act like a taxi service.

“We can’t enable the person in query to proceed his journey. In case you refuse to ship it, we’ll destroy you.

“Now wait a minute…”

“Forty-five seconds.”

“You realize who I symbolize, do not you? »

“You symbolize Continuation.”

“Sure, the continuation.” I spoke as if I have been addressing a very truculent little one. “A thousand arks, every the scale of a small nation, and every containing sufficient defensive firepower to destroy a planet. Particularly, this planet.

“Nonetheless, we should insist. We can’t enable Ambassador Petroq to contact Rav’nah Abelisk.

I used to be about to ask who Rav’nah Abelisk was, when the Elegant BorderThe sensors registered an enormous pulse of gravity. It moved by the system just like the ripple of a fallen rock in a pond.

“What was that?” I adopted it to its supply. “Is it from the Mechanism?

I centered my sensors on the analysis vessels swarming like gnats across the Mechanism’s black sphere and its hoop. The Jzat had been learning the artifact for the reason that daybreak of their historical past and had a number of long-established scientific stations scattered at varied places across the 4 hundred and seventy kilometer circumference of the ring. “Did you idiots lastly discover a strategy to begin it?”

“Uh…” For a second, the officer’s confidence wavered. Then he pulled himself collectively and mentioned, “Our actions do not concern you. Do you might have a solution to our requests?


“And your reply?

“It is best to go fuck your self.”

“Very effectively. We’ve got famous your intransigence. Launch a missile.


“Missile away.”

The alarms blared because the torpedo established a goal lock on the Elegant Bordershell. The captain’s warnings had solely been a formality; I used to be positive his orders had at all times been to destroy me, and he would use the transcript of our dialog as a strategy to cowl his ass in any additional investigation.

“You are an actual jerk,” I texted. “Have you learnt that is true?”

The weapon’s profile prompt a fusion warhead, however I had no want to stay round to see if that guess was right. I informed the Elegant Border to activate his movie turbines, and he opened a wormhole within the substrate. The silver sphere shimmered between its arc and the incoming missile, blocking line of sight. Momentarily disoriented, the weapon swept the skies with its sensors, trying to recapture goal lock, however we had already jumped into the fiery fires of the substrate and collapsed the portal behind us.

Sadly, we weren’t fast sufficient. As my eyes dipped into the seething chaos and my thoughts started feeding information to the navigation community, the nuclear-tipped missile slid by the collapsing bounce level and exploded meters from our stern.

Extract of Descending machinecopyright © 2023 by Gareth L. Powell.

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