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In a current dialogue of Barbara Cartland, a number of readers lamented that she frequently offers her heroines heart-shaped faces and small palms. This final function is, I’ve since observed, fairly frequent in older historic novels – what number of scenes have all of us come throughout the place it little fingers could not attain round a hero heavy tree. (roll eyes)

However, whereas the little palms make me chuckle, they are not as dangerous, IMHO, because the limitless parade of purple-eyed heroines. (Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes were blue.) Violet eyes are nearly remarkable and once they do happen they’re typically the result of albinism. I am additionally aggravated with silver eyes – pale grey, additionally very uncommon – as a result of they’re nearly at all times brought on by nearly no melanin within the iris and are terribly uncommon.

I am not loopy about males calling their family members both. Babe repeatedly. And if somebody throws a who’s your daddy ambiance, I went out.

And also you? Are there any traits you encounter in romance which can be a tricky go for you?

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