A new Superman archetype in MONUMENTAL

A new Superman archetype in MONUMENTAL

There’s simply one thing in regards to the Superman archetype that lends itself to reinvention. That is a part of the idea of Monumentalthe brand new comedian Khalid Johnson.

The story includes a hero named Caspar Kazmi, whose household illegally immigrated to America after a nuclear energy plant explosion made their dwelling in Iran uninhabitable. This similar explosion additionally offers superpowers to the hero of the story.

As a part of this, Johnson (who contributes comedian e-book opinions for Rhythm) explores questions on energy buildings and oppression. Basically, this well-told story presents a recognizably grounded Superman archetype in our actual world – tackling points round immigration, surveillance, oppression by the billionaire class, and extra.

The top consequence is a fascinating and clever superhero comedian. The primary subject is accessible now. You possibly can learn Monumental by way of Khalid’s website or on the Comix Global Platform.

Uncover the duvet and a few pages of the e-book under…get pleasure from!


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