Waid, Hitch and Nowlan recount THE LAST DAYS OF LEX LUTHOR in new Superman Black Label series

Waid, Hitch and Nowlan recount THE LAST DAYS OF LEX LUTHOR in new Superman Black Label series

In Superman: birthrightauthor Marc Waid recounted the early days of the Man of Metal. Now Waid is aiming for the ultimate days of Superman’s biggest enemy. DC introduced Superman: The Final Days of Lex Luthora brand new three-issue Black Label collection written by Waid, drawn by Bryan Hitchinked by Kevin Nowlanand coloured by david baron. The fortnightly Expedition collection finds Superman racing to save lots of Lex Luthor’s life from a mysterious sickness.

That is how DC describes Superman: The Final Days of Lex Luthor:

Within the three-issue DC Black Label collection Superman: The Final Days of Lex Luthor, Superman learns that Lex Luthor is dying and desires the Man of Metal to assist him discover the remedy for what’s inflicting his fast decline. Because the world says good riddance to Luthor, Superman will journey to the sting of the universe, throughout completely different dimensions, and thru time to save lots of his enemy. However why does he need to save the one who spent his life attempting to destroy him? And can he even be capable to discover the answer?

A mysterious illness that afflicts Lex Luthor? My cash’s on a brand new human pressure of Virus X.

With major cowl by Hitch, Superman: The Final Days of Lex Luthor #1 will sport Nowlan variant covers (open to order), Chris Samnée (open on order), Yanick Paquette (ratio 1:25), and Evan “Doc” Shaner (ratio 1:50).

The collection marks a reunion for Waid and Hitch, who beforehand teamed up on the tabloid dimension JLA: Sky Ladder one-shot, in addition to on the primary JLA collection, in 2000. It’s also a brand new staff for Hitch and Nowlan, who’ve already collaborated on Batman’s Grave in 2019-2020.

In an announcement asserting the collection, Waid defined the individuality of Superman’s scenario:

“For the primary time, Superman battles the tide of public opinion, embarking on a mission that billions adamantly oppose. However he has his causes – partly due to who he’s, however partly due to a debt he feels he owes — and readers of Superman: Birthright may already guess what that perceived debt is,” Waid mentioned. “Collectively, Superman and Lex race towards time in quest of a remedy as they journey the expanse of the superuniverse, from Atlantis to Kandor to the Phantom Zone, all spectacularly reimagined by Bryan Hitch.”

Take a look at a preview of the within pages of Hitch, Nowlan and Baron beneath. Superman: The Final Days of Lex Luthor #1 (of three) is due out in shops and digitally on Tuesday, July 25.

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