There’s Gonna Be A Transformers Animated Movie About The Origins Of Optimus And Megatron

There's Gonna Be A Transformers Animated Movie About The Origins Of Optimus And Megatron

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, the subsequent live-action film starring the titular Transformers (alien robots that remodel into automobiles) and the Maximals (alien robots that remodel into beasts) is heading this summer season. Nonetheless, we’re additionally getting an animated film in the summertime of 2024. Till now, we did not know a lot about this film (not even the title!). A producer of the undertaking, nonetheless, lately revealed some particulars.

In an interview with ColliderLorenzo di Bonaventura, who’s the producer of the animation undertaking in addition to The Rising of the Beastssheds some mild with reference to the animated function, together with confirming that it is going to be set on Cybertron, the house planet of the Transformers, and can function future Decepticon, Megatraon, and future Autobot chief, Optimus (pictured above), who had been mates earlier than turning into mortal enemies.

“We debated it loads stay, and it was financially inconceivable to do, which was the origin story of younger Megatron and younger Optimus,” di Bonaventura mentioned. “If you understand the origin, they began out as mates, and over time issues advanced for them they usually ended up on each side. So we’re telling the story of younger Optimus and younger Megatron. We let’s actually inform the origin story of all the Transformers, each what they had been at first, how they grew up, how they broke up.

The producer additionally teased that the function lends itself nicely to a “pure trilogy” and that we’re “going to see Cybertron in a method you have by no means seen it earlier than.” He additionally added that it was not a coming of age story, however East on “younger males discovering their method”.

Which path will they take? We should await the discharge of the movie on July 19, 2024 to search out out.

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