Read an excerpt from Dual Memory

Read an excerpt from Dual Memory

Antonio Moro misplaced the whole lot to the Leviathan League.

We’re delighted to share an excerpt from Dual memorya brand new standalone sci-fi novel by Sue Burke, out from Tor Books on Could 16.

Antonio Moro misplaced the whole lot to the Leviathan League. Now he is alone in a city on an arctic island battling ruthless world pirates with the possibility to be the entertainer he is all the time needed to be. Sadly, he thinks it is a cowl story for his actual function: to spy on sympathizers.

When issues look bleak, he discovers an uncommon ally. His new private assistant program, By Augustus. It is cheeky, outgoing, brooding, and a fledgling not-quite-legal AI.

Collectively they create a secret riot from unlikely recruits to defend the island in opposition to ideological pirates with rights and weapons, and capitalist pirates with rights and cash.



I wish to really feel the whole lot, gentle, noise, darkness, even chilly and concern. I might die, however I defend myself. The little missile in my arms feels heavier than it appears to be like, a steel pipe with a warhead like a flower bud able to burst into an explosion. The icy sea round us heaves, the rusty barge creaks, and clouds cowl the night time sky.

A headlamp on my helmet illuminates my work. I test every missile with a sensor that shows numbers and colours. My naked arms harm within the arctic wind, my breath fogs up the sensor display, and I am working as quick as I can anyway. The gas numbers for this missile are inside tolerance. The steering system flashes inexperienced. Go! I flip a swap to prime the payload, slide the missile right into a launcher, and again off.

With a hoarse hiss, a jet of white flame, a deck-shaking thrust, it takes off towards an approaching ship, drone, or missile. The sky sparkles with fiery flowers, and the air roars, and it is excellent. When the raiders killed folks I cherished, I could not cease them, and now I am defending a small island that I do know subsequent to nothing about, however that claims all of it.

I launched thirty-four missiles, and twenty-two stay to be checked and primed, stacked within the heart of the barge. Counting makes it extra actual. Any minute now, our barge shall be a goal.

There are nonetheless hours earlier than dawn. The air smells acrid of evaporating gas, however from which missile? The gas degree on the subsequent is checked and I slip it into the launcher. A pc someplace is staring on the goal. My muscle groups are burning, however I preserve hustling.

“Battle quick. Battle arduous. Battle first. Captain Soliana pierced this to me as we traveled from the shore to the barge. Her arms moved deftly over the controls, her face was darkish and calm, and her eyes noticed the whole lot and checked out me with approval.

An hour in the past, I volunteered to struggle with the mercenaries to guard this island. I felt that the operation was poorly ready, a final minute improvisation, not sufficient time to get me a go well with in opposition to the freezing sea, only a helmet. I didn’t care. If I struggle effectively, perhaps the Bronze Wing mercenaries will let me be a part of them, and I can preserve preventing. Please, please take me.

Missile twenty-two meters low on gas, so I drop it and transfer on. Twenty-one, twenty, nineteen, now I am not helpless.

Soliana additionally launches missiles, her regular hand, darkish go well with, and pores and skin mixing into the night time. “Coming! she calls. “Let’s go!”

It will not be the top. Soliana holds the hatch open on the small submarine that introduced us there. I leap in and rush to sit down down. She’s proper behind me, sealing the hatch and diving for the ahead controls, scanning the alerts I can not learn and desperately wish to know the way. I strap myself in and put a respiratory masks over my nostril and mouth. The air smells of steel. One thing beeps and the primary lights exit. Soliana, her face illuminated by the inexperienced management panels, flicks a couple of switches, and the sub sails away, engine lurching, throwing me in opposition to the seat, taking my breath away. A drag-free hull means this submarine can transfer shortly.

“We’re going again to Thule,” says Soliana. Well-known Thule, the island we defend. After docking, I can launch extra missiles or do one thing, something. Each flash I noticed on the houseboat shines in my thoughts.

The sub slaps laterally, too shortly. One thing crashes into my shoulder and ribs, too arduous, with searing ache. I’m harm. What unhealthy?

My toes are freezing – the water is speeding in. Soliana’s arms fly over the controls, her face stone like jade. I need to stay calm. We’ll get by way of this and the Thule docs will help me. However my left arm hurts an excessive amount of to maneuver.

The engine squeaks louder. The sub jerks off once more. The water swirls, water chilly sufficient to kill, now waist excessive, lapping over Soliana’s arms. Her jumpsuit will shield her from the chilly. My garments no. The ocean salt is burning on my arm, so I will need to have an open wound.

She screams one thing and the water rises to her chin. The lights on the management panel flip off. The engines groan to silence and the sub slows down. Are we sinking? I don’t really feel it. Air continues to be flowing inside my face masks, my final breaths, maybe. I shut my eyes, and the air smells of burning gas for missiles, and lights explode within the sky.

A bang shakes the hull, and I open my eyes to a flash of sunshine. The hatch is open. Soliana grabs my good arm. I maintain my breath, take away the helmet and masks, shake the straps, and the ache splits my left facet. She pushes me by way of the opening hatch, and I slide and shiver on the moist hull within the freezing night time.

She climbs behind me. “We’re on the docks.”

Sure. Lights. Shouting. Massive cumbersome ships. Flashes on the horizon. The submarine is nestled in opposition to a large icy pier. I do know the place I’m, the little port on the north facet of the island, nestled beneath the curve of a steep shore. Lights shine above town. missiles? Fires? The battle continues to be ongoing. Keep calm, however I am shaking with ache and chilly.

Within the dim gentle, her face continues to be regular, in management. “You might be harm. Let me aid you.” She holds my good arm and installs me on the fringe of the pier. Somebody on the pier in a darkish Bronzewing go well with pulls me onto the concrete. Seawater drips from my garments, shimmering white and orange within the distant lights.

Soliana rushes to the pier. “Let’s take you ashore.”

I can barely breathe from the ache. They accompany me to the dyke and assist me sit down.

“Antonio”. Soliana bends over, her face agency however unhappy. ” We’re shedding. We’ve got to depart.”

Dropping? We fought so arduous, however subsequent time we are going to win. I nod. We’ll go.

“We’ll depart you right here. Somebody will discover you instantly.

Depart me? I am moist, frozen and bleeding. “However I wish to be a Bronzewing. Take me.” I attain for her and attempt to rise up, understanding how pitiful I look.

She pats my good shoulder. “Assistance is coming.” They rush off into the darkish.

“Take me!”

They left. We’ve got misplaced. I am dying of hypothermia and I do not know the place to cover. I used to be crew of a recycling barge that had simply docked, and the Port Authority brokers introduced that the raiders have been coming and that Bronzewing wanted volunteers, so I stepped ahead . No second thought.

However we misplaced, and the raiders will take over the island and discover me, moist and bleeding. What lie can I inform them? I fell off the barge and injured myself. In fact.

At sea, one thing explodes and the sky flashes yellow. Perhaps it was our barge.

I sit up, shivering and staggering, deserted.

To my left, somebody shouts, “There’s one other one.

Extract of Twin reminiscencecopyright © 2023 by Sue Burke.

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