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I used to be by no means a fan of Twitter however, for years, it was a spot I went for love and political information. No extra. The brand new design is chaotic, I do not see something that pursuits me and it appears to be like downright unfriendly. It, like Fb, has change into a spot the place customers have virtually no potential to regulate what they see and who they see.

It depresses me as a result of I consider social media could be a pressure for connection and for good. I used to like seeing updates from my mates on FB and Twitter – logging on these websites was a approach for me to see what individuals I did not get to dwell with have been doing. Now once I log into Fb I see the identical posts time and again from the identical individuals, limitless silly advertisements and simply junk. It is type of the identical on Twitter.

Do you are feeling like this? Are there any social media websites that you simply use and revel in? Or is the period of social media pleasure over?

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