Cosmere Cashmere: Finding the Best Fit for Sanderson’s Cosmere Planets

Cosmere Cashmere: Finding the Best Fit for Sanderson's Cosmere Planets

Typically endlessly singing the praises of your favourite fictional universes can repay. Such was the case with Cosmere by Brandon Sanderson, when a buddy who does not learn a lot lastly picked up one of many books. It took some coaxing – within the type of a suggested reading ordera column Please adapt, and this Stormlight Primer (spoiler-free) – however my buddy lastly made the leap into the interconnected world of Sanderson.

Nonetheless very new to the entire Cosmere factor however having fun with The best way of kings, he referred to as me and began with this little gem of a line: “Man… you are proper. Cashmere is tender.”

Ding! The invisible mild bulb above my head lit up and I emailed my editor: “How a couple of piece exploring which planets Cosmere could be most/least pleasant with a sweater in cashmere?”

What did my editor say? Properly, you are studying this text proper now, aren’t you?

Standards Cashmere Cosmere

I thought of three issues when evaluating how cashmere works within the Cosmere worlds:

  • Local weather: Are every day temperatures and humidity best situations for cashmere?
  • Magic: would the magic of the world make cashmere an exploitable cloth?
  • Tradition: How would cashmere clothes be acquired if worn in public?

I did it not worrying about whether or not any of those planets would have goats or related animals from which to acquire cashmere wool, and easily assumed the existence of cashmere clothes for the needs of this situation. With this stuff in thoughts, let’s grow to be worldhoppers and see how cashmere performs on the first planets of Cosmere!

Oh, and really shortly, some slight spoilers (suppose planet names and magic system particulars) observe.

Nalthis (Warbreaker)

Let’s begin with a giant win: Nalthis tops the checklist. That is the perfect place in Cosmere for a cashmere sweater, scarf, and so forth.

The local weather is the one actual impediment. Nalthis has a jungle-like local weather in lots of its areas, though we all know little about giant swathes of the planet. For a cloth that retains issues heat, Nalthis won’t look like an ideal match. Nonetheless, the ocean breezes at T’Telir (the capital of Hallandren) might make for a sweater climate every now and then.

Nalthis’ Awakening permits its customers to endow gadgets with a capital B breath weapon and command that merchandise to do basic items. So, within the occasion of a laundry accident, Nalthis’ magic system makes it simpler to shrink your garments! Merely get up the sweater and command it to stretch. Bada-bing, bada increase, you are again in motion (in style).

Talking of style, town of T’Telir is filled with beautiful colours and quirky kinds. A cashmere sweater could be all the craze within the capital of Hallandren, coveted by all of the hippest wearers on the town.

Nalthis Cashmere Observe: 8/10

Roshar (The Stormlight Archive)

Wow, laborious.

Roshar’s ecology makes cashmere a tricky promote except you reside within the largely temperate Shinovar. In any other case, you encounter the final word cashmere killer on the planet: storms. Huge storms repeatedly ravage the supercontinent of Roshar, bringing rain and devastation with them. Moist and soggy cashmere means an enormous level discount for Roshar’s general rating.

Energy surges considerably offset the impact of heavy storms. Cohesion permits sure surgebinders – Willshapers and Stonewardens – to govern matter on the molecular stage. Just like Nalthis’ Awakening above, there is a case for utilizing this magic to shrink cashmere, or presumably clear in a world that is not type to delicate materials normally. The issue is that there are so few Radiants within the present period of Roshar. The Willshapers or Stonewardens who are obtainable produce other issues to fret about. Magic might technically be nice for cashmere, however virtually talking, it isn’t very doable.

In relation to tradition, Adolin is likely to be the most probably to seize a brand new material and flaunt his finery in entrance of the opposite Brightlords. However general, in a world constructed to operate round common storms, wars, and sophistication distinctions, cashmere simply does not appear to be breaking via in any significant method.

Ranking Roshar Kashmir: 3/10

Scadrial (Mist Born Saga)

Right here is an fascinating case. Mistborn Period 1 and the Wax & Wayne sequence present us two very totally different variations of Scadrial. (If you wish to keep away from minor config spoilers for the latter, skip this part and resume with the dialogue of Salt under!)

In Born of the Mists and its two sequels, the world is roofed in ash and mist. Do you see the issue? Water vapor consistently bombarding cashmere is a recipe for catastrophe.

Allomancy and the opposite magical programs of Scadrial do subsequent to nothing to assist us right here. All the things about Scadrial revolves round utilizing metals to realize particular results, or to retailer and switch vitality. Once more, I might see cashmere clothes being a success with excessive society, maybe as a modern new materials for women’ shawls attending numerous balls, however past probably the most elite ranges. , the tradition and the local weather of Scadrial make caring for cashmere a digital no. -entrance.

Quick ahead, then, to the Wax and Wayne sequence, and a few of these points go away. The local weather is healthier, however the mists nonetheless exist. Magic evolves, however by no means would that enhance the longevity of Cashmere. Solely cultural enhancements—industrialization, together with the arrival of widespread electrical energy—make cashmere extra viable within the second Born of the Mists sequence. Even then, there’s not a lot you are able to do for tender cloth in a merciless world.

Cashmere Scadrial Ranking: 1/10

Salt (Elantris, The Emperor’s Soul)

We do not know a lot in regards to the local weather of Salt, although it is cheap to imagine that it varies by area, very like our world.

Magic has fascinating implications in Cashmere. Tampering is likely to be helpful right here: stamping the material so it turns into extra sturdy, much less vulnerable to shrinkage, that kind of factor. A cheap use of magic? Heck, no, however we’re right here to explain if we might do one thing, not if we ought to. In the meantime, the Elantrians might use the AonDor to amplify Cashmere’s effectiveness…at the least, I believe they may? Salt magic will not be as clear as different varieties of investiture.

The tradition of Sel makes cashmere a should. The royal household we meet Elantris wish to show their wealth ostentatiously. Nothing higher than having fun with tender, heat and splendid cashmere. Consolation and magnificence are amongst its perks, however when there’s cash to be made, nobles might be all over the place.

Cashmere salt Observe: 8/10

Taldain (White sand)

HA! A desert world baked by the solar? Who wants cashmere garments right here?

However wait, the darkish facet of Taldain is captured in an infinite night time. It isn’t chilly sufficient to be downright wintry on Darkside, but it surely East chilly sufficient to make cashmere a helpful cloth. Half the planet has a climate-related use for light-weight cashmere heat.

Taldain’s most important magic is sandbending, and whereas that is actually cool, there is no utility to cashmere. I believe there is a cultural case for cashmere on Darkside, the place temperatures are low and warmth might be a commodity. Nevertheless, we all know comparatively little about Darkside as a result of White sand focuses on Dayside, so I am not going to provide it an excessive amount of weight.

Taldain Cashmere Ranking: 4/10

And the remaining!

Earlier than I end, I’ll very briefly cowl just a few different Cosmere worlds:

  • Lumar (Emerald Sea Tress): Impartial floor for cashmere. No nice magical makes use of, however acceptable in world tradition for certain. 5/10.
  • First of the Solar (Sixth of Twilight): Damp, overgrown with jungle and the Aviars appear prone to sort out unfastened threads. 1/10.
  • Threnody (Shadows for silence in the forests of hell): Closely wooded, timber might pull and injury wires. Additionally harboring terrifying shades; heat and luxury are important. Meet within the center. 5/10.

Your flip!

Alright, Cosmere-nauts! Hit me together with your “uh, truly” and “certain, however”, and some other ideas you may need about dressing for the varied locations and planets one would possibly encounter whereas touring the world. I do know it is a foolish premise, however I wish to know why you suppose I am proper or flawed right here. Pontificate within the feedback!

Cole Rush writes phrases. A lot of them. For probably the most half, you will discover these phrases at The feather to live or on Twitter @ColeRush1. He voraciously reads epic fantasy and science fiction, in search of out tales of gargantuan proportions and devouring them with bookworm-like fervor. His favourite books are: The divine cities Robert Jackson Bennett sequence, The lengthy approach to an offended little planet by Becky Chambers, and The Home of the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune.

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