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Once I consider Tennessee WilliamsI take into consideration A tram called Désir (the film) and, in my head, I hear Vivian Leigh say, “I’ve all the time relied on the kindness of strangers.”

Within the movie, the viewer is aware of that Blanche’s confidence is delirious and that the kindnesses proven to her are, in reality, merciless or detached. That mentioned, I just like the phrase. Random acts of kindness are one in all society’s biggest lubricants, antidotes to the infinite negativity we reside in.

I’m on our final week of a 3 week journey to Europe and repeatedly strangers and close to strangers have been simply pretty. For instance: We’re at the moment in Bathtub and are going to Oxford tomorrow. Sadly this weekend brings a railway strike and there aren’t any trains. Taking a bus would take nearly the entire day and can be fairly costly. I assumed we would be all the way down to hiring an Uber which I am positive can be greater than an evening at our Airbnb. However….

There’s a lady who went to college with my siblings however whom I’ve not seen for over thirty years and who lives exterior of Bathtub. I wrote to her and requested if she had any concepts or recommendations. She rapidly rearranged her work schedule to drive us – Dr. Feelgood and I had been joined by our son who lives in India. It is a few two hour drive every manner. I’m impressed by his generosity – and my happiness meter has elevated by a number of levels.

It saddens me that we do not share sufficient joyful tales, so please inform me some acts of kindness you’ve got skilled.


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