Listen to the first two chapters of Martha Wells’ Witch King

Listen to the first two chapters of Martha Wells' Witch King

We’re delighted to share the primary two chapters of the Martha Wells audio version Witch Kinglearn by Eric Mok.

A exceptional story of energy and friendship, belief and betrayal, and the households we select, Witch King is accessible Might 30 from Tordotcom Publishing and Macmillan Audio. Hearken to chapters one and two under and discover further excerpts from right here.

After being murdered, his consciousness dormant and oblivious to the passage of time whereas confined in an elaborate water entice, Kai awakens to discover a lesser mage trying to harness Kai’s magic for his personal profit. It was by no means going to go nicely.

However why was Kai imprisoned within the first place? What has modified on the earth since his assassination? And why does the Rising World Coalition appear to be gaining affect?

Kai should deliver his allies nearer collectively and faucet into all of his ache magic if he’s to reply any of those questions.

He is not going to love the solutions.

Chapter One

chapter two

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