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CD Gorri's Valentine's Day Dragon.  A bald, sweaty man looks like he's sniffling his armpit.  Her head is tilted towards her right arm, while her arm is raised and rests behind her head.  A small blue dragon appears to growl or hiss at the bottom of the cover.

Let’s dive right into a Cowl Snark!

From lils: Whoewww. If his pits odor so unhealthy that he is seen…how does he assume his “destiny mate” will react?

Sarah: What number of pit sniff covers have we already introduced?

Plus, this dragon is extremely cute.

I wager his identify is Pinky.

Amanda: Okay, however did any of the opposite pit sniff covers function an offended physique odor dragon?

Sarah: Poor Pinky the physique odor dragon. So unappreciated.

To sneeze: Does that imply there’s an Outdated Spice Dragon? What’s the relationship between these dragons? Enemies of lovers?

Susanna: I am unable to inform if the feel of his pores and skin is meant to be water or cracks. Possibly he’s attempting to set free the dragon inside and that is the pose to launch the breath of the dragon.

The Chosen by Theresa Meyers.  A shirtless man is in the foreground.  He wears a helmet, which also has goggles on them.  He has beige skintight pants, thick work gloves, and some sort of wrist blade.  He looks at us over his shoulder.  There is a blonde woman in the background wearing a dark off-the-shoulder dress.  She is squatting.  Both appear to be knee deep in water.

Amanda: it offers Zoolander in the mine shaft power.

Elysium: I like gloves and goggles however fully uncovered chest.

Sarah: What a humorous packing record: glasses, verify. Pith Helmet! Test. Laser arm and glove with forearm cowl: verify. BIG OL BELT: Test. Shirt? No.

AdditionallyI am very, very positive I wore the same gown AND NECKLACE to a semi formal in 1992.

To sneeze: Oh sure. There should be an excellent cause his boobs have to stay out and he cannot have a shirt on. Laser belt and gauntlet, in fact, who would depart dwelling with out them? However no shirts. *pulls up her glasses in Edna mode*

Susanna: Appears like what would occur if the Professor Elemental tune Sir, you’re being hunted had a romance subplot, and I do not know if I am into it or not.

The Doors We Open by Donna Jay.  There are two large light blue doors with vertical dark metal handles.  A brunette woman with a braid down her back has her elbow propped on a handle, looking desperate.  She looks at us over her shoulder.  She wears a blue and brown plaid blazer and skirt ensemble.  However, where the hem of the blazer meets the skirt, a bunch of brown, black and white feathers stand out.

Tara: I do not assume this can be a unhealthy cowl per se, however I’ve questions concerning the feathers

shana: Is his feathery undercoat melting?

Sarah: Why put on feathers underneath pajamas? Is that this a treatment for being too chilly at night time that I am not conscious of?

OR WAIT is she a hen changer?

Elysium: I heard plaid flannel and feathers are within the spring

Amanda: She is unquestionably shedding.

To sneeze: It is a strategy to all the time have a heated seat.

Plant Daddy by KD Robichaux.  A black and white cover of a man in a white shirt.  His tie is loose and untied.  He has short hair and a beard.  The title is in bright neon green.  A fuzzy mold appears to seep in from the right side of the cover.

Elysium: It is like taking an image of Tom Hanks and lengthening the brow

Additionally WTF is a plant daddy?

Sarah: He begins sucking succulents?

Elysium: Ba-dum-dum

shana: Oh on the one hand, I really like the concept of ​​a lover who needs to repair my overgrown backyard. However this man seems to be like he is about to dump the compost pile.

Sarah: Wait, what if it is a verb? Are you presupposed to plant it so it may develop extra sullen dudes?

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