Snark Cover: An Abundance of Nuns, Firefighters, and More

Février 2023 Nouveautés, première partie

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Alien CEO Needs a Nanny by Tasha Black.  A neon blue cover with a futuristic cityscape in the background.  The model is a shirtless male with a rosy purple complexion.  He has white triangular markings on his chest, arms, and around his eyes, and a set of ram's horns wrapping around his skull.  He is also holding a very happy baby, who is only wearing a diaper and has tiny horns himself.

From Gloriamarie

Sarah: Have we snared this earlier than? I confuse all of the alien/nanny/babysitting books.

Amanda: We snared A LOT of Tasha Black covers.

Sarah: I nonetheless have numerous questions in regards to the lack of social help networks and youngster care on this universe.

Claudia: Can they actually be a complicated society? I don’t assume so. I feel we’ve not finished it but, however many like it. The final one had cosmic poop close to the child’s diaper and this one is clear.

Sarah: Sure and this one is attractive.

A Nun for the Viking Warrior by Lucy Morris.  A nun and a stern-looking blond man in brown leather garments are crammed close together.  They seem surprised and look at something in the distance.

Amanda: Extra of a title snark.

Sarah: Wait…

I… okay I hand over

Amanda: What are they taking a look at?

Sarah: I really like how they selected a mannequin that appears like Meg Tilly from Agnes of God

Claudia: They’re searching for Jesus!!

Nanny for Firefighters by Cassie Cole.  A man and a woman are about to kiss.  She is blonde and wears a yellow ruffled shirt.  He is shirtless and just wears brown pants.  Flames, embers and smoke swirl around them.  In the upper left corner is another shirtless man with an ax over his shoulder.  In the right corner, another man wields an ax but wears some sort of breathing apparatus.

From Melody: I’ve positively watched too many unhealthy covers when my first thought is not “They want firefighting shirts” or “His creepy zombie hand is gonna choke him”, however “Nicely, I assume would even be dehydrated standing in a volcano.

Elysium: I’ve a dependable supply that firefighters put on garments in fires. So they do not die and all that.

Amanda: I believed one was Bane’s ghost within the prime proper nook. It is like A caro of christmasl however for firefighters.

Sarah: it is a option to take away hair successfully I suppose. Burn these breasts instantly.

Drakaina's Fire by Rave Lovelace.  Neon green swirls around the edges of this blanket, as a man and woman kiss.  A dragon flies in front of a full moon in the upper right corner.  The man is shirtless and has his mouth open.  He looks bored.  The woman is dressed in all leather, but there has been some light photoshopping as her face looks oddly smooth and too small for her body.

Within the morning: I believed it was a ghost balloon behind the man’s head, not a dragon in opposition to the moon!

Sarah: Sir, sir, there’s one thing… n-never thoughts that you just appear busy.

Amanda: Both his head is just too small or his palms are too large.

Sarah: The neck is out of alignment, in all probability from making an attempt to Photoshop Meghan Markle’s head onto the physique.

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