Do you know who illustrated this classic Wrinkle in Time cover?

Do you know who illustrated this classic Wrinkle in Time cover?

In the event you’re of a sure age, you keep in mind it nicely: the creepy, haunting, downright iconic and totally weird cowl of Madeleine L’Engle’s 1976 Dell version A shortcut in time.

However whereas many people keep in mind being frightened (and/or fascinated by) this picture, there’s an surprising thriller behind it: nobody appears to know who the artist is.

Artist Michael Whelan posed the query on Twitter:

THE blog post Whelan factors out that it’s by writer S. Elizabeth, who has accomplished a powerful quantity of analysis, starting from a easy reverse picture search to an assortment of sources. As she mentions, even the Internet Science Fiction Database doesn’t have the reply, though he notes the thriller. Between questions from Elizabeth and commenters, it was decided that the picture is not by Charles Lilly, The Hildebrandt Brothers, Boris Vallejo, Enric Torres-Prat or Manuel Sanjulain.

Elizabeth tweeted the query on Madeleine L’Engle’s Twitter account, which is managed by the writer’s granddaughter, however she did not know both:

She additionally began a dialog within the Subreddit Unsolved Mysteriesleading to a captivating rabbit gap of strategies.

We began asking editor colleagues and buddies, however to date we’ve no solutions. However somebody should know who created this armless centaur that haunted the goals of a complete technology.

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