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Out of focus by Becky Harmon.  A blond woman, dressed in dark jeans, a denim jacket and a gray canvas backpack, is squatting on the beach next to her dog.  The dog has curly brown hair.  The title is above them in the blue sky above the water and an alligator emerges from the O in the word

Snark on some covers!

Tara: Sapphic romance is again.

Sarah: I am unable to inform if it is a crocodile or an alligator however… is croc/gator in gap O an understatement?

Tara: That basically IS the query, is not it? I imply moreover “why?”

Sarah: “It is quite…dentata is not it, my expensive?”

Elysium: Is it a croc/canine romance?

Carrie: Oh I do not assume it’ll finish nicely!

Tropical Bartender Bear by Zoe Chant.  A shirtless buff man in a black cowboy hat is holding a tropical drink, with a small paper umbrella inside.  Behind him is a grizzly bear, a palm tree and a sunset.

Laura: I hope bear bartenders have a union to guard their pursuits given the shenanigans on many bear covers.

To sneeze: I am unable to think about their union being on their facet or very nicely organized if this grizzly is within the tropics.

Amanda: Union bears want a trip too!

Sarah: I used to be studying books about union shifters.

Captive of the King of the Horde by Zoey Draven.  A bare-chested man with bulging veins stands in front of a red, arid landscape.  He has tribal tattoos on his biceps and a leather headband.  He holds a sword and his wrists have fur cuffs.  One eye is glowing.

By Pam G.: Veins and fur and slicked again hair
Bizarre lighting in all places
Pores and skin that has seen an excessive amount of Nair
I checked out it this manner

However now I solely see the sword
Darkened by spilled blood,
Ragged edge earlier than the Horde,
His blade bothered me.

I’ve met the beast on either side now
Beribboned arms, beribboned brow,
The rugged nipple I bear in mind–
Is there multiple, in any respect?

Elysium: Fur fingerless gloves are fairly the centerpiece.

Laura: I ponder in the event that they work like bracelets, however these catch blood and sweat…ew.

Sarah: Her nipples look offended.

Solar Vortex by Kathy Kulig.  A man with great abs grabs the collar of his own shirt, trying to pull it up.  It looks like the sun behind him is exploding.

From Susan: Have we mentioned what’s unsuitable together with his abs?

They appear… a bit creepy.

Sarah: Could not the photo voltaic vortex be in his pants?

Laura: I am caught on his facial features. I do not actually know what to consider it…

Sarah“Take a look at my abs. Aren’t they good?”

Laura: LOL but in addition the eyes a bit useless?

Sarah: Sorry, sorry, fell into the photo voltaic vortex, what had been you saying?

Elysium: I really feel prefer it’s my buddy’s first time sporting a shirt and he is so proud.

Amanda: These poses at all times remind me of toddlers and the way the second you place garments on them, they instantly attempt to pull themselves out of it.

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