Elantris Reread: Chapters Seven and Eight

Welcome to the Elantris Reread: Prologue Through Chapter Two

Greetings, Cosmere Chickens, and welcome to Elantris! Do not thoughts the mud, there are many great issues to do right here. Uh.


Absolutely there should be…

Oh. Wait a minute, I am getting a report that…

Eh. There’s nothing, huh? Nothing redeeming in any respect on this metropolis?

GOOD. Hmm. Welcome anyway?

On this week’s replay episode, we dig deeper Elantris as Raoden makes a brand new buddy and wins one thing priceless, and Sarene poses as a simpering fool as a way to get the higher of two very highly effective males. Will not you be part of us?

Spoiler warning: This week’s article accommodates some minor spoilers from the Stormlight Archive and a few extra Cosmere concept. Proceed with warning if you have not learn them but!

The final time on Elantris: Household issues and the unification of hatred…

Sarene encounters relations she hadn’t anticipated, and Hrathen particulars her plan to unite the individuals of Kae in hatred of the cursed Elantrians in an effort to stop the mass slaughter of the inhabitants through the subsequent invasion.

The gist of the chapter

Character(s) POV: Raoden, Sarene

Chapter 7

These three marks – two strains and a dot – had been the place to begin of every Aon.

He continued, drawing the identical three-line sample from totally different angles, then added extra diagonal strains. The completed design seemed like an hourglass, or maybe two bins positioned on prime of one another, barely approaching the center. It was Aon Ashe, the traditional image of sunshine.

Raoden nodded, drawing his personal Aon, Aon Rao. 4 circles with a big sq. within the middle, all 5 related by strains.

They should be associated, thought Raoden. “The change in Elantris, the best way the Shaod began making individuals demons as a substitute of gods, the ineffectiveness of AonDor…”

I : A minimum of he is heading in the right direction. Magic is linked to the geography of the world, and this geographical sample has been modified as a result of earthquake.

P: It is virtually painful how they can not perceive it.

I : In hindsight, sure. I keep in mind that throughout my first studying, I used to be simply as ignorant as them!

There was a steel plate hanging there. Though it had been dulled by time, Raoden might nonetheless make out the form etched into its floor – Aon Ashe, the character he had drawn moments earlier.

“These plates shone extra intensely and evenly than any lamp, sule,” Galladon defined. “The Elantrians might cease them with the flick of their fingers.

I : Thus, the Aons may be stationary, quite than having to be drawn every time by a practitioner. It is attention-grabbing, by way of nomination. Type of like Fabrial know-how on Roshar. These want a supply of investiture to run (specifically, the spren being trapped inside them), however since Dor pervades the world throughout the Elantrians, plainly these stationary Aons are merely tapping into the facility that holds them. surrounds in the identical air.

P: Which is tremendous cool, when you concentrate on it – a lot energy that Aons as soon as attracted labored with out seemingly any clarification.

Raoden walked over to the newcomer, who had collapsed after tripping on the steps. Raoden rigorously eliminated every of the person’s meals choices and, after placing some in his belt, he threw the remaining to the dog-like males ready under.

I : And so Raoden begins to enact his plan to develop meals inside the confines of Elantris. (What he took was, as we’ll discover out later, seeds.)

P: It begins. I like how he is similar to, “you are one in every of us now” to the newcomer.

I : That is one in every of Raoden’s most redeeming qualities. He is lots like Kaladin in that regard.

Raoden paused, then stated, “Simply name me Spirit,” utilizing Aon Rao’s translation.

I : Fascinating that he chooses to take a pseudonym.

P: He would not need anybody to acknowledge who he was earlier than the Shaod took him. What I get, at one stage. Though time passes, it’s tough to cover what he actually is.

Chapter 8

She was usually good at no matter she tried, however the secrets and techniques of portray utterly eluded her.

I : You will need to acknowledge your flaws in addition to your strengths!

P: This makes me snort. She tries so laborious to color and it isn’t good.

“Slavery is prohibited, but it surely in all probability will not be for lengthy. Ten years in the past, there have been no nobles or peasants in Arelon, simply Elantrians and everybody else. Over the previous decade, commoners have advanced from households who owned their very own land, to peasants beneath feudal lords, to indentured servants, to one thing extra just like the previous serfs of Fjordell. It will not be lengthy earlier than they’re nothing greater than possessions.

I : ::sigh:: It doesn’t matter what society you encounter, there are at all times individuals looking for a approach to subjugate others.

P: I assume the person’s legacy right here is to dominate different males.

The corporate was purported to have progressed past this level.

I : In impact.

“The Retailers’ Guild was an autonomous group, and lots of of its members did not get alongside very nicely with the Elantrians. You see, Elantris offered free meals to everybody within the space, which made individuals pleased, however was horrible for retailers.

I : Free meals, free well being care… that appears like a pipe dream to me.

P: Significantly. It is unhappy that the frequent man turned in opposition to them after the Reod.

“Finally, the Service provider Guild made a take care of Elantris, making the Elantrians promise that they might solely present ‘fundamental’ gadgets to the populace without cost. This left it as much as the Service provider Guild to import the gadgets dearer luxuries, aimed on the space’s prosperous crowd, which tended to be fellow service provider guild members.

I : An attention-grabbing stability between socialism and capitalism, right here…

P: Sure, the rich crowd ought to positively should pay for issues.

Lukel smiled. “You sound like Prince Raoden.”

Sarene paused, pondering. “Do you know him nicely?

“He was my greatest buddy,” Lukel stated with a tragic nod. “The best man I’ve ever recognized.”

I : I am so pleased to see Sarene lastly join with somebody who knew Raoden personally!

P: It is so unhappy to consider her alone and need she had gotten to know him.

The king’s complete authorities is constructed on the concept that financial success is the justification for rule.

I : Ah… A plutocracy, then.

“Slovak scientists declare that the human thoughts can solely maintain six languages ​​earlier than it begins to combine them up.”

I : This made me curious, so I searched. Apparently it is true – the typical individual can be taught a most of 4 to 6 languages ​​(though after all there are outliers). Fascinating!

P: It is fascinating. I by no means heard that prior to now.

She was so desirous to shock him together with her early arrival – not quickly sufficient, apparently.

I : Ugh, my coronary heart aches for Sarene. Beginning to fall in love with somebody, then having all that potential robbed by (what she thinks is) loss of life…heartbreaking.

P: Yeah, she positively obtained the uncooked finish to the deal right here. For the second.

As she walked, she reached out and rubbed her hand over the groove of a carved Aon carved into the aspect of town wall. The road was as large as his hand. There was no area the place stone met stone. It was as she had learn it: all the wall was a seamless piece of rock. Besides it wasn’t faultless anymore.

I : As a result of the wall was created by (and imbued with) the facility of Dor, which is now corrupted, presumably. I can not assist however marvel if there are wider Cosmere implications right here, with regard to spren corruption on Roshar by the Unmade.

“Does ambition not serve our personal lusts?

I : Sarene, 1. Hrathen, 0.

P: All this alternate leaves her in entrance.

“…tough occasions make individuals settle for a person who preaches change.”

I : Very true.

She scanned the city as soon as extra, attempting to get Kaise’s disturbing feedback out of her thoughts. As he did, his eyes fell on a specific trio of characters – those that did not appear as pitiful because the others. She squinted on the numbers. They had been Elantrians, however one appeared to have darker pores and skin than the opposite two.

I : It is a type of occasions if you simply wish to scream as a result of he is RIGHT THERE! SARENE! IT’S RAODEN! Ugh. Exasperating.

P: Poor factor. Hit by him when she do not even know it is him.

I : I simply wish to take one final second to commend Sarene for thus simply exploiting gender stereotypes to utterly take over in each of those social conditions. She deftly manipulates these males based mostly on their assumptions about her, although Hrathen is not so simply fooled, as we’ll quickly see.

We’ll go away you with extra hypothesis and dialogue within the feedback, and hope to hitch you there! Subsequent week we might be again with chapters 9 and 10.

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