Six of the best flight scenes in animation

Six of the best flight scenes in animation

One among my favourite issues about animated movies is how they can push the boundaries of actuality. That is very true in relation to depictions of flight – flight sequences can, in fact, be executed in reside motion, however do not all the time evoke the identical sense of magic and marvel. In no specific order (as a result of rating them can be far too tough!), listed here are six of the perfect theft scenes of all time from animated movies.

Hiccup and Toothless study to fly Easy methods to practice your dragon

Flying on the again of a dragon is perhaps the good imaginary method people can take within the sky, however in Easy methods to practice your dragon (2010) the method just isn’t actually easy. Poor Toothless has an injured tail and might fly longer unaided, so Hiccup makes him a prosthetic tail fin and saddle. Seeing the duo lastly within the air collectively is an uplifting second, however there is a steep studying curve, each actually and metaphorically.

After climbing vertically into the sky, Hiccup loses his cheat sheet and falls from his saddle, rapidly darting away from Toothless. This life-threatening incident forces the 2 to instinctively sync up, whereas offering among the greatest visuals in your complete sequence. Their lightning-fast flight weaving by means of rock formations is an exhilarating and triumphant expertise. This scene additionally options among the best items of music in your complete rating: John Powell’s “Take a look at Drive” rises and falls completely in time with the animation.

The Flight to the North Pole The Snowman

The Snowman (1982) is a should look ahead to me each Christmas. The brief options no spoken phrases apart from Peter Auty’s rendition of “Strolling within the Air” performed on stage the place the titular snowman grabs the younger protagonist’s hand and takes flight. The duo soar over snow-capped England, previous landmarks like Brighton Palace Pier, after which in the direction of the North Pole, the place they’re greeted by an impressive show of the Northern Lights.

The scene is Christmas magic distilled into 4 minutes of gorgeous animation; As a Scot, I even have a gentle spot for amorous parody variations created to promote Irn Bru (Scotland’s second nationwide drink, after whisky). Within the first announcement, the boy brings a can of Irn Bru on the flight – which this time passes Scottish landmarks – however he refuses to share with the snowman, who finally ends up stealing the can (and dropping the boy). THE second ad the story continues, with the boy leaping right into a airplane to chase the snowman – hoping for a 3rd half!

Cody’s flight on the Golden Eagle at The Rescuers Under

There are many iconic flight scenes in Disney motion pictures, but when I’ve to choose only one, it needs to be Cody’s flight on Marahute the Golden Eagle in The Rescuers Under (1990). After climbing a cliff to free the large eagle, Cody is unintentionally knocked down and begins to crumble to his demise. On the final second, Marahute rushes in and saves him, and the unlikely pair fly off.

Watching Cody soar over the Australian Outback on the again of an eagle is thrilling, particularly when Marahute playfully begins to show round and catch him among the many clouds. There are such a lot of standout moments on this sequence, however Cody’s outstretched arms freefall over the waterfall as he is surrounded by birds is a spotlight. The animation of this scene can also be completely matched to Bruce Broughton’s majestic rating, which takes your complete sequence to new heights.

[Spoiler warning for each of the remaining entries on this list—I’ll give a spoiler-free summary of the film in the first paragraph before launching into spoilers in the second.]

Chihiro driving Haku’s dragon type in Taken away as if by magic

Photograph: Studio Ghibli

The flight is depicted in almost all movies by Hayao Miyazaki, notably in Porco Rosso (1992) and The wind picks up (2013), however my private alternative of Studio Ghibli is Taken away as if by magic (2001). The movie follows a younger woman, Chihiro, as she finds herself trapped in a land of supernatural beings. Chihiro is compelled to work on this unusual place in an effort to save not solely herself, but additionally her dad and mom, who’ve been become pigs. Each astonishing and unsettling, it’s one in every of Miyazaki’s best-known and hottest movies.

Close to the top of the movie, Chihiro rides on her buddy Haku’s again whereas he’s in his dragon type. Whereas meandering by means of the moonlit sky, Chihiro realizes that Haku’s true id is the spirit of the Kohaku River. Upon studying his true title, Haku sheds his white dragon scales in a stupendous shimmering bloom and transforms again into his human type. The couple then falls freely within the air holding fingers, united in an ideal second of pleasure and liberation.

Hina and Hodaka fly and fall develop previous with you

At Makoto Shinkai develop previous with you (2019), Tokyo experiences excessive rainfall. Teenage Hodaka befriends Hina, a “solar woman” who can create temporary breaks in stormy climate, and the pair resolve to monetize her powers. It is as melancholy as it’s mystical, and the animation, particularly the climate, is gorgeous.

In what is unquestionably a tribute to Chihiro and Haku falling into Taken away as if by magic, develop previous with you additionally contains a scene of emotional catharsis within the air. Hodaka jumps by means of the rooftop shrine to seek out Hina after she makes an attempt to sacrifice herself to cease the fixed rain. The pair float and fall within the sky whereas reaching out to one another. Just like the music “Grand Escape” by Radwimps feat. Toko Miura performs within the background, Hodaka declares his emotions telling Hina, “I would like you greater than any blue sky!” It isn’t solely essentially the most visually putting scene in your complete movie, it is also essentially the most emotionally charged.

The large’s hero second in The iron large

Brad Chicken’s The iron large (1999) is the story of a large alien robotic who crash-lands on Earth and is discovered and befriended by a younger boy named Hogarth. Befriending a robotic is each child’s dream, however the US authorities is way from impressed, particularly given the Big’s damaging talents. Though initially a monetary flop, The iron large was critically acclaimed and deservedly developed an extremely loyal cult following.

The scene the place Hogarth realizes the Big can fly is pure pleasure, however nothing can evaluate to the emotional punch that comes when the Big intercepts the nuclear missile. Hogarth’s lesson that “you’re who you select to be” echoes in his head as he flies in the direction of the missile and, serenely invoking Superman’s title, arms outstretched like his favourite superhero, he closes his arms. eyes and collides with the weapon. Regardless of what number of occasions I watch it, the Big selecting to be a hero and sacrificing himself (fortunately solely quickly!) will all the time be heartbreaking.


Lowering this checklist to simply six examples was extremely exhausting, so please go away your individual favourite animated flight scenes within the feedback beneath!

Lorna Wallace has a PhD in English Literature and loves all issues sci-fi and horror. She lives in Scotland along with her rescue greyhound, Misty.

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