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We’ve got 113 books labeled as age hole novels. 61 one among them are DIK. They’re, typically, not my jam. (That mentioned, I like What I did for a duke.)

Why do not I like them? I believe it is as a result of I am previous. If I had married somebody 25 years older than me, he would now be 87 in comparison with 62. That does not concern me. I am additionally involved that the kids have – as a result of it is nearly at all times an growing older man – a father who is not there to see them as adults. Sure, sure, I do know it may possibly occur to any baby, however the odds enhance when you’ve your first baby in your 40s and 50s. The facility dynamics in books like which are additionally, in some ways, off-putting to me. (A lead that calls her lover daddy is a certain predictor of a DNF for me!)

However I’m a sufferer of my very own biases and they don’t seem to be shared by many romance readers. And I at all times wish to be confirmed mistaken. (Actually.) So, change your thoughts. Which age hole romances do you want and why?

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